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  1. zoesvnchez

    UTMB - Should I retake TEAS?

    Hi everybody! I just got my TEAS score back and I don't know if I should retake it or not... it is a pretty average score to me and I don't want this getting in the way of acceptance. I got an 84% and I feel like the 93 percentile rank only tries to make you feel better lol. Score summary: Reading (83%), Math (96.9%), Science (74.5%) and English (83.3%) By the end of this semester, my prerequisite GPA should be around 3.87 or 3.9 and my science GPA should be 3.9 also. I was either going to retake the TEAS or just keep it and focus more on my personal statement. Please lmk! Thanks guys
  2. zoesvnchez

    UTMB Fall 2018

    Hi everyone! I'm applying for UTMB Fall of 2018. I was wondering what everyone is taking for their science elective prerequisite required for UTMB? Also, are you allowed to take your science elective the semester prior to you're planning to start nursing school? For example, take science course Spring 2018 and start nursing school Fall 2018.
  3. zoesvnchez

    HESI for UT Health

    Thank you so so much! I'm a little confused with everything especially Elsevier, so is Elsevier only one of the test administrator for the HESI? Like once you take your HESI exam at Lone Star, are you sending them directly to UT or do you still have to upload them through Elsevier so they can send the scores to UT? Also, when are you taking your HESI? Sorry for all the questions I've been really confused about this and the internet and UT advisors have only helped me so much. :/
  4. zoesvnchez

    HESI for UT Health

    So I'm applying to UT Health School of Nursing for Fall 2018, and I was wondering when everyone is taking the HESI exam? I went to schedule my HESI exam through Elsevier because that's what we're supposed to do, but the only dates available were September dates....and it's already September... I wanted to have a lot of time to study for the Hesi. :/ Will there be dates available to take the Hesi after September??
  5. Hey everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Fall 2018 applicants in the Houston area nursing schools so here we go. I currently attend University of Houston Main Campus, and I'm taking Nutrition, Sociology, Human Development, Personal Health (Elective), and Industrial Organizational Psychology (UH Writing Disciplines Core). I wanted to take Microbio or A&P 2 this Fall 2017, but the classes filled up so fast and you have to sign up for the lab and lecture separately, so it didn't work out. :/ I'm planning to take A&P 2, Microbio, Art History (Creative Arts Core), and General Biology (Science Elective), all at Lone Star College Spring 2018. I've been organizing as many nursing schools as I can and the prerequisites for them, but since I've been following UTHealth's prereq's its kind of screwed me over for other nursing schools, like TXST, A&M, and Baylor Nursing schools have such different prereqs from UTHealth's that are equivalent that I can't apply to all of them. I'm definitely applying to UTHealth, TWU, and UTMB though since they're all similar. I haven't scheduled my TEAS or HESI exam yet, so that's stressing me out because for scheduling the TEAS there aren't any locations available in Houston during November and idk what to do. (-: I guess I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there multiple locations in Houston to take the HESI or TEAS or is there just certain testing centers? also how long in advance should I schedule the test if I want to take it in November? 2. For UTMB's Science Elective, does that only consist of Pathophysiology/Chem/Bio? What science electives are you guys taking for UTMB? I'll have more questions along the road but feel free to update this thread with info. Thank you!