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  1. unfortunately, I'm not able to PM . I don't have "enough posts", according to the rules of allnurses! Any suggestions?
  2. LadyGiaRN

    Had interview for dream job. Did I give a wrong answer?

    I hoped to gain the experience I needed, then move back to my home state. As it turned out, I didn't get the job. The area I live in is saturated with schools and new grads looking for work. I've all but given up looking for a job here, and am looking to move out of state, if necessary. I'm also considering some rural hospitals in state. Ideally I'd prefer a large hospital, but a rural hospital might fit the bill, as it appears this experience would be marketable enough. I worked hard for a BSN, because this is the experience I wanted, not to work in a skilled nursing facility for the rest of my life. I'm willing to go to whomever is hiring.
  3. LadyGiaRN

    new grad having extreme difficulty

    Jonesey- could you kindly send me a PM? I'd like to find out more about the hospital you applied at. thx
  4. I have worked in LTC/Rehab for 5 years now. I am so burned out with it I could cry. I find myself literally dreading to go to work. I had an interview with a hospital job in North Dakota recently and I was sure I would nail it. Turns out they are not interested. I have my BSN and a non-nursing bachelors. I have seen a lot of posts about states and cities that are hungry for nurses. My location is not one of them!! We are SATURATED with nursing schools!!! It is next to impossible to break into the field here and unfortunately I feel that for me it is an age thing. I will say I have lots of energy however, am healthy, and can work long hours. I just need someone to give me a chance. I have NO family commitments, nothing keeping me here and can go to ANY STATE!!! If anyone has any suggestions, please send it to me via private message if you would prefer! I would be interested in knowing about specific hospitals rather than just the name of a state. I look forward to hearing any and all suggestions, thank you, and bless you
  5. I applied for a job at St. Alexius hospital last week. I thought the interview had gone well, and I was cautiously optimistic. She indicated she would get back to me next (this) week. I happened to take a look at my application status at their website, to see if anything had changed, and came across this: "you currently have no submitted applications". My application was completely removed. I am not really sure what to think of this! Has anyone seen this before?
  6. I had an interview with my chosen unit a couple days ago. it was going along great until I was asked: "If we hired you, how long would you want to stay?" I responded that I would stay about two years (being honest). I hope this does not hurt my chances. Any thoughts?
  7. LadyGiaRN

    Move to Seattle?

    I currently work in Seattle but live in Mukilteo. It's easier to find affordable housing if you live in one of the surrounding areas. Check out Everett in Snohomish County or further south like Renton for affordable places to live. You could also consider finding a roommate. I found a pretty good house share deal on Craigslist, I don't intend to stay here for long but at least it's keeping my housing affordable until my next gig. Good luck
  8. LadyGiaRN

    Interview at St. Alexius!

    I had an interview w/St. A today. I was so nervous, but tried my best. I had come off a long shift a few hrs earlier so I was a little tired . I smacked my head a little later, thinking, darn, I wish I had answered some of the questions differently! I came away feeling I could have done so much better! Nonetheless, she did go into a lot of detail about the unit and how it worked, and said there is still a nursing shortage in that area today. I'll find out next week if I got it. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!