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  1. greenwood75

    How long is WOCN program?

    Hi there I was thinking about Emory too .Did you start it?How is the homework load if you need to work 3 days a week as a full time .Can you please help me to make a decision? Thanks
  2. greenwood75

    wound care certification

    Hello all I am a RN living in TX with more than 20 years clinical experience, a teaching background, and cooperating with the wound care team in my hospital for the past 2 years before the arrival of COVID-19. 🙂 I am a nurse educated from the overseas and interested in becoming a WOCN and I'm looking for a good school with an inexpensive tuition because my hospital does not pay for it. I want to get the certification one by one. Any suggestions about schools and or any knowledge of the homework load, quizzes, board exam, and job availability would be appreciated . Thank you in advance
  3. greenwood75

    MSCRN exam resources

    Any body knows how I can find resources to participate in med surge certification exam.I am RN and work in Med Surg for many years.Does it make any differences in your pay check? How many time I need to study to get prepaired for this exam.I appreciate if any body can help me. Thanks