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  1. Hello, i am currently enrolled in an ADN program about to finish my first semester. I am in a position where right now, financially I do not absolutely need to have a job while in school. However, I am considering applying for a job as a Patient Care Assistant in a hospital just to try to get my foot in the door somewhere networking wise, so I have a better chance of getting hired as an RN when school is finished. Obviously, this will impact the amount of time I have to study and may affect my grades. In your opinions, would someone like myself be better off not working and getting the highest grades possible or would I be better off taking a job with potential networking opportunities at the potential expense of lower grades? I do not have many inside connections in the Nursing world currently. I do wish to get my BSN, which is necessary for many jobs, so I need to get accepted into a program after school. As it stands now, I do not have plans to go for my MSN or DNP after that, but that is pretty far down the road either way. Thank you in advance.
  2. Mikespeese

    Am I crazy to take all these science classes at once?

    Thank you all for the replies. I've decided to drop a and p 2 so I'll just take a and p 1, micro and Chem 1, which should still be a challenge but more doable hopefully.
  3. Mikespeese

    Am I crazy to take all these science classes at once?

    Thank you for the response. I'd like to start the ABSN next fall, but may try to start the following spring if the schools tell me I still need more prerequisites or don't review my application soon enough. I would have at least 2 semesters, I am hoping that I could be accepted contingent upon my grades of courses not completed next semester. The schools recommended taking a and p 1 and 2 and microbiology before reapplying. That's why I'm trying to do it this way, but wanted to see what others thought.
  4. Hello All, I'm looking to go back to school for an accelerated BSN. This semester which just started I signed up to take Anatomy and physiology 1 with lab, Anatomy and physiology 2 with lab, microbiology with lab, and chemistry 1 with lab (all 4 credit classes). The teachers made an announcement in class that even taking just a and p 1 and 2 together or taking just a and p 2 and microbiology together is not wise. My background is I am a chiropractor that just sold my office to go back to school so I will not be working during school. I had these classes in chiropractic school and undergrad but that was over 10 years ago and I got B's and C's. I used to do the bare minimum to get by while in school (just go to class and then cram a night or two before the tests), but now I am much more dedicated and have no problem studying every day. The only thing I really used as a Chiropractor in practice was a limited amount of neuromusculoskeletal anatomy for the most part, and my knowledge of the other class material is about as weak as you'd expect it to be considering I haven't been in school for 10 years, however there is still a minimal amount of familiarity. I know I will probably need mostly if not all A's to get into the accelerated BSN programs near me and even that may not be enough. I want to get my prereqs done as quickly as possible , but am I setting myself up for definite failure? Any thoughts would be appreciated.