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  1. Affinity Testing

    I am in IPN in Florida. We can use a few labs, but I always use Labcorp because there is no collection fee beyond my normal cost of test. They are open from 6-3 so I just go before work if I have to test on a work day.
  2. Affinity Testing

    I am coming up on the end of my 5 year contract and use hand sanitizer at work and in regular life and have never been positive. I believe them saying that is if you use it right before you give a sample you could contaminate it, etc. Just don't drin...
  3. Team nursing?

    Thank y'all so much for the feedback! My manager pulled me aside and explained what they are planning on doing (baffles me why they didn't do this in the staff meeting, but whatever). She mistyped the ratio, we will be staying at 4-5. And it is not t...
  4. Team nursing?

    Also, they are zoning the unit, so your assignment is based on your zone. Not by acuity. We get such a variety from immunocompromised, to CABG, to medical with cdiff and VRE. This isn't a safe way to make assignments
  5. Team nursing?

    I wish we were unionized! The CNO managed to chase the reps off, unfortunately. Yeah I'm not sure how they think this will help, I'm starting to lose faith that my management has my back (they honestly used to, the new CNO has changed things) and am ...
  6. Team nursing?

    From what I've been told, their goal is to try to make things more efficient and smooth since we have massive staffing shortages right now. It's a hard unit and we have a ridiculously high turnover rate. I havent seen any documentation of a 2 RN team...
  7. Team nursing?

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience (positive or negative) with team nursing. I am on a transitional care unit that takes care of post-CABG, critical drips, general cardiac patients, and ICU stepdown. We currently run 4-5:1, with 1-3 CNAs t...
  8. Going home to loved ones after caring for COVID-19

    She has two teenagers, and I could understand if my kid had the flu, but an ear infection??? We are debating getting a new one because she is now saying with what we are exposed to all the time she isn't comfortable with us even coming to her house t...
  9. Going home to loved ones after caring for COVID-19

    I'm having the problem where my babysitter is scared to take care of my baby because my husband is a pain management ARNP and I'm a PCU nurse. Baby has an ear infection and isn't allowed over there until its 100% healed. Not sure I'm even going to be...
  10. Watching your social media

    Oh I absolutely agree. I think someone switched my urine at my monthly addictionologist appointment...it came back positive, so I scheduled myself one through my monitoring program an hour later and it came back negative...as did their extra ordered ...
  11. New to IPN

    IPN only does 5 year contracts now. The 2 year ones were done away with a year or so ago. I did not hire an attorney, as I never heard of anyone that it made a difference in their contracts. IPN is rough, and you have to be constantly on your toes (d...
  12. Bad messed up

    Do NOT report to the board! Call IPN, which is the Florida peer assistance program. If you can show steps that you are getting help and doing what you are supposed to, it will look much better for you when it is time to go to court. The board will re...
  13. Ipn for a year no job yet :-(

    Have you asked about going on vivitrol to get your narcotic restriction lifted? I got hired at a SNF after i got mine lifted. Other than that, try doctors offices or dialysis clinics...they usually don't require narcotics. Also, you can volunteer at...
  14. Florida IPN update

    I was given the choice of 6 rehab to go to, all of which said 3+ months inpatient and we're not covered by my insurance. After I called them to tell them I couldn't afford it, they gave me permission to go to rehab in Pennsylvania (Livengrin Foundati...
  15. Affinity Testing

    I totally agree! I really question if they actually want to help us...i had a false positive at my vivitrol appointment (No chain of custody, urine was dumped into 3 different cups, etc...i think it was a tiny piece okf poppyseed bread [i was assured...