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    Kaiser anesthesia (kpsan) 2018

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a post for those who are applying for CRNA school at Kaiser. The program is now a DNP. They added one more year and a whopping 60K increase in tuition fee. Having that said, I am still on the process of application (awaiting for 1 more recommendation letter). I just want a support system since this will be my first time and I really want to be accepted in the program. I am currently living in NY but I would love to move back home (Cali) and I told myself that getting accepted in to the program is the only reason I would go back. -_- Questions: 1. Did anyone got deterred with the recent changes in the program? 2. Would it be a good year to apply? [first year for DNP] 3. What makes a good candidate? STATS would be appreciated. My STATS 3.7 GPA 2 YRS CTICU (by the start of program] big academic hospital in NY 1 yr in MICU (LA) 2 YRS MEDSURG (LA) never the head of a committee but a member .. My stats are not as great as other applicants but still hoping for a shot. Good luck everyone!