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  1. Regina_Phalange

    Questions about applying to jobs before graduation

    I actually just called the hospital I was applying to and told them I am applying to nursing positions and had some questions and was hoping to speak with the recruiter responsible for those postings. They transferred me to someone who had all the answers I was looking for, thankfully. The person I spoke to advised me that I should wait until I graduate and get my license because there is a big chance the application will not make it past screening if those required questions are not answered "yes". He did say that many hospitals are creating a nurse pool for the COVID response, and though it does require travel, they are not requiring any experience and pay starts around $100/hr. I have 3 small kids, so I can't travel, but for any other new grads or soon-to-be new grads, this may be a viable option for you!
  2. Regina_Phalange

    Questions about applying to jobs before graduation

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, there are no jobs currently that are explicitly stating they are hiring new grads, but there are a lot that are listing 6 months acute care experience preferred but not required, so a new grad could potentially fit in to that category. I believe most hospitals in California use a computerized application process. Would you recommend I call the hospital's HR department since there is no contact on the recruitment post? I worry that the person I speak with likely won't know what the floor manager would recommend though. I would consider trying to reach the floor manager, however, with how busy all hospitals are at this time I do not feel it is appropriate to interrupt them from much more pertinent business.
  3. I was told by a few people that you should start applying to jobs before you graduate to try and get something lined up, however, my professor was explaining that applications go through an automated filtering system that will throw out any applications that do not fit the requirements. I graduate on April 14, so I started submitting some applications but I keep finding myself questioning how I should answer the "do you have a current RN license" question and the "Did you graduate" question. I feel like if I answer no to those questions, my application will not even make it to the hiring personnel desk, but if I answer yes that is lying. What I have been doing is answering no to the license but yes to graduating, since I am only a couple weeks away and at this point there isn't anything I can do to fail this last class. What would or did you do when applying before graduation? Will my applications just be thrown out since technically I am not meeting the qualifications of the post just yet?
  4. Regina_Phalange

    Just found out I'm pregnant....

    Thank you everyone. I was in a complete state of shock when I wrote this but I'm starting to accept it more. I talked to my school and they are very supportive and excited for me. They recommend I take a semester off instead of stressing my body and the baby by trying to return to school prematurely. They actually offer up to 3 semesters off for pregnancy, but I will definitely take the least amount of time possible.
  5. Regina_Phalange

    Failed first pathophysiology exam

    I know you said you don't want to use Quizlet, but it is a fantastic resource if you know how to use it properly!! I have gotten all A's in all my nursing classes, including patho, due in large to Quizlet. I search for each chapter individually. For example, if I was assigned chapter 18 Reproductive Disorders, I will put exactly that into the search bar "chapter 18 Reproductive Disorders" if I needed to narrow it down more, I'd add the authors name in. You get practice questions for every chapter that way and it really helps to focus your attention on the major stuff. Good luck, it gets better once you find your groove!
  6. Regina_Phalange

    Just found out I'm pregnant....

    Thank you. I just found out today so I have not talked to the school yet. I do not think they would do a year, possibly a semester though. I plan on talking to the advisor tomorrow, i just really do not want to delay graduation though! Thank you for your advice ❤ i think i am just in so much shock right now i need to allow myself time to process all of this.
  7. Regina_Phalange

    Just found out I'm pregnant....

    This is very unplanned! I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old, my husband and I were both on the same page that we were definitely DONE having babies! Welp, the universe had something else in store for me and I guess I am pregnant I don't really know how far along I am, but if I had to guess I am 6 weeks which would mean the baby would be due a couple weeks into my 3rd semester during my med-surg clinicals. I have never been one for abortion but I just don't know if I can do this. I know med-surg is supposed to be one of the hardest semesters and I know I will need a c-section as my last 2 ended in emergency c-sections, so time off would be an issue. Has anyone been through this? My head is spinning and I know a decision has to be made soon. I guess I'm just looking for different perspectives, motivation, advice, anything to help me through this! Thank you! *Please no judgment, I am already not very happy with myself right now
  8. Regina_Phalange

    Chamberlain, Sacramento Campus?

    I'm a medical assistant but they do not look at past healthcare experience when you apply. Its really all about your gpa, hesi, and passion statement. Good luck!!
  9. Regina_Phalange

    How far away is your school?

    Mine is about 1.5 hours, but don't really mind the commute. My clinical site is about 2 hours away. I have a classmate who drives 3 hours to school and leaves 4-5 hours before class starts so she can beat traffic then sleeps in her car until class begins. People make it work, you will too. :)
  10. Regina_Phalange

    What is my chance to get into Chamberlain College of Nursing

    I think it depends on which chamberlain you attend. Some accept just about anyone who applies because they are larger and can accommodate more students. Others are much more selective and competitive. I know the chamberlain I go to is very competitive as they only allow 30 students every semester. In my cohort the average hesi was 90% and average gpa was around 3.5
  11. Regina_Phalange

    Chamberlain, Sacramento Campus?

    I had a 3.6 gpa I believe and a 94 on the HESI. When I applied they told me the average accepted student had a score of 90 on the HESI. They look at your most recent gpa stronger than your past grades, so just make sure to try to explain the previous bad grades in your passion statement. Sac is definitely one of the more competitive chamberlain campuses to get into, but don't be discouraged! Just do well on your hesi and you'll definitely have a shot. Good luck!!
  12. Regina_Phalange

    How's the Atlanta Campus Class Schedule

    I'm at a different campus so I don't know if my answers will help at all but this is at least how it is at the Sac campus: 1. We do not schedule any of our own classes, our advisor schedules them for us and we cannot pick the times. However, there is a possibility to swap if there is the same class at a different time and you find a student who wants to swap with you. They said they are working on getting to where we can self schedule though. 2. So far classes seem to be at either 9am or 1pm. Once clinicals start the times can be at any time, even overnights if that's what the clinical site requests. 3. If you look at their schedule of courses available online, any class that does not begin with nr is a ge class and those are typically taken online. 4. You have to do the nr courses in the order that they are laid out in the schedule of courses. I came with most pre reqs done, so you start with nr103 and then skip over the next few sessions and go straight to nr222, then follow the regular schedule from then on, just without all the ge courses added on. I do not think you can spread them out. 5. Financial aid paid for most of my tuition plus I got a scholarship from chamberlain. They award them automatically when you submit your FAFSA based on a bunch of different criteria. I am paying between 0-$250 out of pocket per session. If you do not get financial aid and have to get a private loan, if your credit is not very good then there is a good chance you would not be approved. So far I love this school and I highly recommend it! Good luck with your application and I hope I was of some help!
  13. What do you mean they do not accept Chamberlain degrees from California? I am at the Sac campus and I can say with certainty that they do accept our degrees...
  14. Regina_Phalange

    Chamberlain College phone interview and hesi exam?

    I'm a current student at Chamberlain Sac and I did not have a phone interview. The HESI was pretty simple, just use your HESI A2 book, the pocket prep app, and some crash course youtube videos on anatomy and physiology. Good luck!
  15. Regina_Phalange

    What should I do in my current situation?

    Sac State is extremely difficult to get in to. When I looked at it last year, the reports from the previous year showed an average GPA of 3.9 I believe, with the lowest accepted student having a 3.8 if I remember correctly. SFSU actually accepted quite a few students in the 3.7 range though, so I would add them to your list to apply to. I agree with the pp too that getting your CNA would be a great introduction to nursing and point getter for your applications. Good luck!
  16. Regina_Phalange

    San Francisco Living as an RN?

    I can't comment on the nursing aspect of living in SF, cause I am still a student nurse, but I have lived in the SF area all my life and there is a lot to consider. It is very easy to fall in love with SF. Its a fun, exciting, eventful place but it can also be a really scary place. Like pp mentioned, rental prices are astronomical and crime is skyrocketing. With opiates being such an epidemic right now, homelessness and the crimes in order to pay for their addictions are skyrocketing as well. There is a lot of gang activity and that carries over into the schools, so if you plan to have children that is something to consider. Most streets smell like urine, you will see people pooping or shooting up right on the sidewalk...Its definitely not an all rainbows and sunshine city. Don't get me wrong, I love SF but you might want to spend an extended amount of time there before you make the decision to move. Personally, I've always loved Berkeley more than SF and Oakland is actually becoming a really nice city as well with excellent hospitals. I don't want to scare you, just wanted you to know the bad points about SF as it is really easy to get caught up in all the great parts about it.

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