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Nayhi has 14 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. So getting my RN license got me all hype up and looking for jobs. I had three possibilities of place to work. My first choice was where I already work but at the time they’re not hiring. However there was another place that was more closer to my house and I wanted to work there and they were hiring. Then there is the 30min commute and more dangerous place but are hiring continuously or desperately (their nurses turn around is high).So I applied on all three. I first applied at closer to my house and then to commute place. I first did interview for the 30min commute. I just wanted to try and practice on interview . Cocky but didn’t care much if I get it or not. Then I finally received an email for my 2nd choice(closer to my house) and I was so excited! Then the next day I received a job offer on the 30min commute. I was glad but not thrilled. So I did the interview for the closer one but I knew after the interview I blew it! 😞 Even though my friend that already work there gave me pointers, I still blew it. So not even a week after my interview my friend already found out that I did not get the job. They hired 10 and unfortunately I didn't make the cut. So disappointed but Then my work finally advertised RN job! I was so excited because I thought I had one supervisor that was rooting for me and supported me (so it seems that way because thats what she said to my friend). Come to find out she actually doesn’t care and told my friend for me to just accept the job offer. I wasn’t surprised at all because she’s the same person that bad talked about others that left. According to this supervisor, the staff that left my work is because they weren’t good enough or had bad attitude so they didn’t hire them. I guess thats what she thinks of me because her close friend that I work with is afraid that I might be her boss someday. It’s possible but not in the near future. It's sad when supervisors used their authority to manipulate staff. It’s even disappointing to blocked people from being successful. Sadly, to jump start my RN career I must risk my safety and accept the 30min commute. Goodluck to me and thanks for reading my venting. To My fellow nurses always remember the day and how you attain your first job as a nurse. Never forget how others made you feel. If its good, be role model to others too. If its bad, learned and make it better for the future nurses. Goodluck
  2. Nayhi

    Fall 2018 Napa Valley College

    I got my acceptance letter/email too! Yay! Excited and nervous at same time!
  3. Nayhi

    Fall 2018 Napa Valley College

    I think because they're being so meticulous on the selected 40 students. Im sure hundreds applied but they can only accept 40 so they have to comb every applicants to make sure they qualify. With that said, Good luck to all of us!!! 3 more days! I guess if we dont get email or letter of acceptance we'll have to try it again next year.
  4. Nayhi

    Fall 2018 Napa Valley College

    I applied too and I believe we will all get our status by September 15, 2018. That is in 10 days! So I guess whoever gets in will get an email and the one who dont get their applications back via mail. Goodluck to all of us!