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  1. jfalcon

    University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2018

    @sharpelzee ok thanks for the facebook name appreciate it. What's your name on the off campus housing site? I haven't found many people on their that belong to our program yet, how about you? Also whenever you or anybody has free time to go ahead and add me to the facebook group that would be great because I still can't find it lol idk why facebook is being difficult with me today. Thanks :)
  2. jfalcon

    University of Miami Accelerated BSN spring 2018

    Hi guys, My name is Jasmine, I also got admitted to the spring 2018 ABSN program, I found out on May 11th. So glad I found this chat group because I have been so curious to know who else has been admitted into the spring 2018 program. Now I am even more excited since I found you all. I am also unable to find the facebook group. Can someone please add me in the group, it's Jasmine Falcon (profile pic is one of me with water). I joined the off campus housing website in hopes to find a roomate but so far no luck. I am also searching for scholarships at this point and housing options since I am coming from Indiana.

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