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  1. Made a fool of myself to board of nursing rep

    My schooling used the concepts of nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, then plan to intervene and evaluate the response to the intervention. I liked the way this made me think about the patients in holistic terms regarding what was going on with t...
  2. I was blown away at the behavior and attitude of this student nurse. I would never want him for my nurse or for my doctor if he continues on his current path of arrogance. I think there is a high correlation between arrogance and stupidity! I am s...
  3. What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    I have certainly been in that foley bind. The solution sounds doable and less traumatic than fishing around for Waldo. Anyway, it your description is brilliant and ever so funny.
  4. How to respond to "am I dying?"

    I like Bernie Segel's (an M.D. who wrote book Love and Medicine) answer to this: Take an old car that is running poorly just as your body is now. Is the car's engine going to blow up today or much later. No one knows. We can spout statistics in s...
  5. Neuro check: triple flex vs withdrawal

    Here's how I think of withdrawal. 5 on the Glascow Coma Scale. If the persone is intubated and you suction, that person will grab the ETT and yank it out (o attempt to do so); the person may do what I call a head to hand maneuver because of restrai...
  6. Nurse Wubbels Stands Tall

    My husband who is a nurse and I were both stunned when we saw the video. I used to work in a Level I Trauma center emergency department and we had similar guidelines for legal blood draws and for providing information to law enforcement. I was so v...
  7. New Neuro/Trauma RN, Need a Lot of Help

    Hi, Know your Glascow Coma Scale. I recommend reading about the scale. Memorize checking cranial nerves. When patients are intubated and unable to follow commands, the cranial nerves exams are corneal reflex (cranial nerve V), cough (cranial nerve...
  8. Difference Between Lethargic And Obtunded

    I agree with wonderpoints. Additionally I would like to discern the differences between 3,4, and 5 on motor assessment of Glascow Coma Scale. 5 is purposeful movement, i.e., patient grabs ETT or pushes you away. 4 is semi-purposeful movement. It ...
  9. New grad on med surg unit

    When I graduated, I stayed at home with my first baby for a year. When I went to get work (I thought I wanted med surg), I was told to go to a nursing home for a year. I did my time and I was able to enjoy the elderly people. It was most satisfyin...
  10. Refusing to change/toilet pts

    This sounds like something to bring up at a staff meeting. I have always liked as much hands on with my patients as possible and consider that the CNA is there to help me. 2 is always better for a clean up, plus I could inspect skin, note the stool ...
  11. Please Help Me!

    Ask to speak with the charge nurse. When I worked in the ICU, I did not mind having visitors. Some hospitals have a 2 person limit. The hospitals I worked at were pretty liberal during the day time (Seattle, WA). ICU nursing is intense and stress...
  12. Feeling unliked and unrespected at work

    Hi, I can relate to the experience of not fitting in as my family moved annually when I was a child. I have some suggestions: Focus more on yourself and your patients. When you overhear something negative, ask yourself--is this really true about me...