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  1. misty97

    Nurse and CNA argument at the end of my shift

    I have been a CNA for one year and currently I am a fourth semester nursing student so I cam speak in regards of both sides... Yes nurses have a lot on their minds, situations that are life or death take priority over any feeding or cleaning so yes she might have been really busy, but the way she talked to you was inappropiate there must be mutual respect between everybody doctors to nurses and nurses to cna we are all there to do patient care so I disagree with sone of the comments you've gotten saying "I wouldn't have dared talked to the nurse like that, I wouldn't have disrespected her like that!" I want to say the nurse is NOT your mother and you owe her no more respect than the one she is giving you HOWEVER that also goes both ways.. probably she was stressed out or you simply got a crappy nurse there are CRAPPY nurses and CRAPPY nurse assistants I have seen it all by now
  2. misty97

    Hipaa violation-What happens to RN?

    You guys arent understanding the post. YES it was Hipaa violation because the nurse went into a chart that she had no business in. And just because you are an employee of the facility it doesnt mean you have no privacy. An employees medical chart is considered a patient chart! Therefor he is entitled to the privacy of any other patient.
  3. misty97

    LATTC Fall 2017

    Wow I am so happy for you! I am Spring 2017 cohort! And Likewise we started with pharmacology in Winter of 2017 I would recommend you to BUY the med surg, fundamentals, and drug guide books. All of the others you can rent (also dont purchase the dictionaries or the study guide I did and never used them) i tell you to buy those book because you will also use them for 2 nd semester as well.. Good luck guys or as professor brown would say FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA!!
  4. misty97

    Lattc rn spring 2018 acceptance

    Hey there! Im currently on their program. I am to be class of Spring 2018!! Yay for me i applied to the program on Spring 2016 so that was my "application semester" didnt count towards the waiting period, then Fall 2016 was my first official waiting semester. I got accepted into the Spring 2017 cohort so I guess I could say I only waited a semester.. my friend who applied 3 days later than me tho didnt got accepted into my cohort and got delayed for another whole semester so it all depends