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  1. sweetredRN

    Need help on what to do!!!

    So I’ve been an RN since 2017. I started at the hospital (ortho/neuro/trauma unit). Was there one year and really disliked it. I felt there was no time to do anything and I always felt super stressed. We were also always mandated to pick up extra shifts all the time so the hours were bad too. After a year I started looking for another job. I found one at a family practice clinic 10 minutes from my house. I work Mon-Thurs roughly 10 hour days and love everyone I work with. This all seems perfect but it’s such a BORING job. It’s a lot of phone calls, Med refills, preventative care education, placing orders, etc. There is not a lot of hands on nursing which sucks. But otherwise it’s like the perfect set up! I don’t know what to do! I want something more challenging but I’m also getting paid more than at the hospital so it’s hard to leave a job with perfect hours and pay to be more challenged! I sound crazy lol. Anyone have any insight or similar problem? What would you do!? Thanks.
  2. sweetredRN

    Chest tubes

    Yeah he transferred to me with no water in the water seal. Some nurses were saying it's okay bc it's just to gravity and said it was a "dry system". So we were curious.
  3. sweetredRN

    Chest tubes

    What happens if you do not add water to a chest tube to gravity only? I had a patient with a hemothorax. Anterior chest tube draining well to gravity in an Atrium set up with no water in it.
  4. sweetredRN

    Non-hospital jobs for ADNs

    It's true! I started in a hospital and still currently there! It's rough, and as a new nurse I feel the work volume is way over for the safety of my patients. I've been trying to stick it out for the experience. I'm 6 months in and it's been quite awful. My team is great, but the work load/ patient load is WAY too much I am always staying over to chart and I feel like the training was minimal.
  5. sweetredRN

    Anyone work in a Urgent Care Clinic?

    I'm interested to talk with RNs who have worked at an Urgent Care clinic? Just curious if you like it, if it's something I should apply for, etc. There's a job opening for 3 12 hr shifts and rotating weekends. Right now I work on a orthopedic/neurosurgery/trauma unit at a hospital and work 3 days a week. I like it, but it's farther for me to drive and i'm not sure I like the huge hospital setting. I like clinic and office atmospheres. Just curious as to what a typical day looks like and if you recommend it? Thanks.
  6. sweetredRN

    RN-BSN Feb 1 Start Date

    I start Feb 1st 2018 :)
  7. sweetredRN

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    First year of nursing!!!! It's kind of like this....Remember starting nursing pre-reqs? I remember A&P being SO HARD! I was stressed out, etc. and wasn't even in the nursing program! Then I started the nursing program and I remember thinking how EASY A&P was compared to the nursing program. Nursing school is HARD, it takes a TON of time and motivation. Not to mention the countless hours of clinicals. Well then I FINALLY graduated in May 2017...Started by new job at a hospital as an RN....Wow, totally thought about how nursing school is EASY compared to being an actual NEW nurse. I have wanted to quit, I've questioned by career choice, I've basically have been thrown in an environment where you learn as you go, basically. There's a ton to learn so it's hard to teach you everything in orientation. I can say that I learn A TON of information each day I work. But the hours are long and hard. I rarely get a break, I'm usually running for 13 hours strait. It's tough. Being a new nurse is WAY harder than nursing school, in my opinion. The only perk is you get paid :) It's SLOWLY getting better but I'm not going to lie it's been a crazy eye-opener.
  8. sweetredRN

    Does anyone here like nursing?

    As a brand new RN at a hospital I can tell you I was SUPER EXCITED to become a floor nurse with my new job. Unfortunately, it's been super stressful and has made me struggle quite a bit. I think it's mostly because I didn't realize how nursing school doesn't really prepare you for the real world of nursing. I am in my 5th month at a hospital and I'm slowly beginning to like my job a little more often. I LOVE my patients and LOVE being a nurse but the job itself and managing care is a lot more complicated than I expected. I've heard the first year of nursing is the worst so here's to hoping i'm half way through :)