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  1. shanoviah

    Anyone applied to University Hospital recently?

    Were you still looking for a job at University Healthcare?
  2. shanoviah

    Augusta U- MSN/CNL- Fall 2018 Entry

    What are your GRE scores like? I have the book
  3. shanoviah

    Augusta U- MSN/CNL- Fall 2018 Entry

    To boost some of your confidence I heard that sometimes they do not have enough students in the Augusta GA program apply so they extend the application deadline.
  4. shanoviah

    Augusta U- MSN/CNL- Fall 2018 Entry

    I am applying as soon as I take my GRE. I hope this will work.
  5. shanoviah

    Inmate patients- keeping the guard happy too

    Call the prison and report it. I worked as one and we were not to question the doctors order. You should let them know that she interfered in your job duties and so forth. Let the warden know because they have been trained to not do this.
  6. shanoviah

    GRU / Augusta University MSN CNL Fall 2017

    My name is Shanovia . I stay minutes from Augusta University. I plan on applying in February for the fall. I have a BA in Criminal Justice and will have to take all the Math and Chemistry classes. You can apply and get accepted without having the pre req completed before applying. But before the program starts you must have them completed. I wanted to know if anyone graduated the program or still in the program. If so what is it like and how does everything work.
  7. shanoviah

    Nurses who work with the police?

    I'm going to school for nursing now but have a BS in Criminal Justice. I was looking for the same thing. You could work as a nurse in a prison. I worked as a Corrections Officer and we had nurses as well. All of the nurses thought it was interesting. Or you could try to see about working in a crime lab with the dead bodies and things like that.
  8. Have you applied to the program?
  9. I agree and I will take that in as well. A lot of them don't have good nclex pass rates either.
  10. shanoviah


    I talk to someone from Fortis today and they told me that they have a contract with the Denver School of Nursing to get your BSM. They say it's completely online.
  11. shanoviah

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    I agree with you. She shouldn't be sleeping but everyone is human. Sometimes you can tell someone about their actions and they can become a better person than they were before.
  12. shanoviah

    Are For Profit Schools really BAD?

    Where do you stay?
  13. Sorry to hear that. To everybody being mean stop it. This girl is just looking for help oh my gosh
  14. shanoviah

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    I agree it is grounds for immediate termination and the LPN Knew this when she reported the incident. My whole thing is they never ever addressed her. Were they afraid? I feel that she should have been confronted long ago. Why is the nurse saying the Job is laid back? We train people how to treat us.
  15. shanoviah

    Got a nurse aide fired... did I do the right thing?

    Omg. Yes you were completely wrong. From your own testimony you said she is giving you and the other nurses a hard time and you have reported her on multiple occasions to supervisors. What I never heard you say is that you and the other nurses called her in to have a meeting and tried to correct the situation yourself. It's like following the chain of command. You said the job is pretty laid back. By saying that this aide may have been under the impression you all did not mind. I am in no way condoning what she did. But you had an opportunity and you went in for the kill. If you would have had a conversation with her you may have found out a reason she was so tired and lazy or whatever. Please understand in no way am I condoning what she did because as a CNA\nursing student myself I can't stand a lazy worker. However, I have to humble myself because everybody needs their jobs. If I was in the situation I would at least like to say my nurse told me I was wrong and I continued to do wrong so I deserved this. I feel bad for the CNA and I hope she finds another job.🙇🏽*♀️

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