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  1. thebionicbride

    Non potty trained students.

    A family member of mine had a similar problem of wetting the bed and during the day til a certain age. Nothing could explain it. Honestly we all thought the same thing, didn't want to be bothered while playing. Eventually They grew out of it. My Nieces on the other hand both had to be potty trained before they got to their Pre-K class. I think it was by the time they were 3-4yo. Granted on the other hand I do have friends who their children are of Kinder age and still in pull-ups, come to find out it has been a generational issue.
  2. thebionicbride

    CCTN Transplant Nurse Certification Study Advice

    The one thing I have been worried about are in fact things hitting close to home. I was very curious how I would take things i.e. would I have empathy or not and even sympathy. I decided to follow a cardiologist and surgeon (away from my "home hospital") in a different state even to test myself and see how I would be with patients and heart failure. While I shadowed for a week, I met 16 pts and watched a surgery. I was really surprised with myself that I really just wanted to soak in all the knowledge (pt history, meds given, why given, etc etc). I saw them in Heart Failure clinic, ICU, CCU, CVRR, and OR. At my Residency Hospital (where I got my LVAD and Heart Transplants) I Volunteer and visit the patients who are waiting for LVAD implantation or HTx to answer any questions they might have to help settle any nerves. I can never thank ALL of you Transplant Nurses enough for doing what you do!!!!! I cannot wait to join you one day! Xxo
  3. thebionicbride

    CCTN Transplant Nurse Certification Study Advice

    Hello, I am a pre-nursing student working on my last 2 prereq's at the moment. I am wanting to specialize in transplants (Hearts to be exact). I have a bit of history myself which has also led me into this mind set. I am a 2 time Heart Transplant recipient (6years). My surgeon and and transplant team are a huge support in my endeavor. My question for ya'll, after nursing school what are the steps to get there? I know I would like to work bedside for a bit bit I would also like to make my way into to OR.
  4. thebionicbride

    Can a nurse help me with these questions plees?

    I agree with Capa Jensen. These are Nutrition questions which are a prereq for Nursing.
  5. Hello! I am also working my way to Summer 2018! I am at UH right now finishing up Micro and Nutrition this Fall Semester. I am taking the HESI Sept 25, nervous to see how that goes!