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  1. winglesswonder

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP FALL 2018

    It was through my regular email but I've been aware that there have been some issues with gmail? I called to confirm my email and Anne Seed told me that they have problems with gnail
  2. winglesswonder

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP FALL 2018

    I interviewed on Wednesday too!
  3. winglesswonder

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN-FNP FALL 2018

    Hey guys! I was waitlisted for fnp but just got my email for admittance to the cm program! Did you guys start a fb group already? Very excited to meet you all this September!
  4. winglesswonder

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN Case Management Fall 2018

    Hi guys!! I just got my acceptance email this morning! I'm super excited. Did you want to start a Facebook group??
  5. winglesswonder

    ELMSN/ MEPN using only last 60 units?

    Hello! Long story short, I had a lot of issues during my undergrad and ended up with a 2.2 GPA (non-nursing major). After realizing that I wanted to go into nursing, I realized that some programs would only look at the last 60 units of your coursework and retook classes at community college. My current 60-unit GPA is at a 3.6, (last 45 units a 4.0). I've worked as both a pharmacy technician and a medical scribe and have other research/leadership positions. I would really appreciate any advice or any programs anyone knows that adheres to the more lenient 60 unit GPA policy (I've seen California Baptiste, Cal-State SF, and Samuel Merritt) or any program that I might have a higher chance of getting into? I do see that Johns Hopkins and Columbia do not have an minimum GPA requirement so I will be applying there as well. Thank you in advance for any advice!!