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  1. Postpartum assessments

    For vaginal deliveries we do one head to two on admission, one within the next six hours, and then it goes to q8h until discharge. For sections we do a full head to two on admission, then 30 mins after, then an hour after, then q1h x2, then q2h x3, a...
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. What is it about psych you don't like?
  3. Hey guys! I am a relatively new nurse, I graduated in May of '17 and passed NCLEX in June. I got hired on in mother baby and was just ecstatic! I thought I found my dream job right off the bat... until it wasn't anymore. It was so exciting and new, a...
  4. Weight Loss for Nurses

    I am right there with you! When I started on nights, I quickly gained about 20 pounds. I was starving by the end of my shift and made it a habit to get a sausage egg and cheese croissant and a donut from the cafeteria every morning as I left, otherwi...
  5. Hi all! I know there is another post about social anxiety but my situation seems quite different so that's why I'm just posting my own. I know that I've had social anxiety since I was a child. I've also struggled with depression as well. All my life ...
  6. Hi all! I'm a recent nursing school grad and just finished up orientation a few weeks ago. I was on days for orientation and now I am on nights (1845 to 0715). What I have trouble with is falling asleep at a decent time on my off days. My coworkers t...
  7. Thank you to all the above commenters! I've had two shifts since my post, and I can say that those days were much better than before. My first day I got to work 30 minutes early and made some report sheets with new placements for what i have to write...
  8. Hello, Allnurses! First of all, thank you for helping me through nursing school. By reading through the many posts here I gained some valuable insight. Now, I'm newly graduated and working on the floor in my hospital's mother baby unit. I have been w...