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  1. HospitalistNP

    NP Reserves

    Just curious- seeing differing info - for age limits for NPs in the reserves. I have 17 years of ICU RN experience and 4 years as an adult/gero acute care NP almost finished with my DNP. I am 45 years old. Any info you can share would most appreciated.
  2. HospitalistNP

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    No. I'm in New Mexico.
  3. HospitalistNP

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    That's not really helpful for me but hopefully applies to others. I'm an NP at a Tier 1 facility with DTI 138%, HIPSA score of 17 - also considered a "critical access" facility in addition to the HIPSA. I was denied. I really don't understand why as I saw another NP on this thread with slightly more debt but made about 5K more than me at a HIPSA score of 16.... not sure why one was awarded and one was not but it's the government so goodness only knows! Congratulations to those of you who were awarded. I guess I'll try again next year.
  4. HospitalistNP

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Unfortunately, we live in a greedy society that doesn't really push personal responsibility. I recently heard that National American University charges $89K for a BSN!?!?! I paid less than that for my masters! and the new nurses will make about $45K in this area so not sure how they justify the cost. The schools tell desperate students they will make a great living (and they will) in nursing not specifying numbers and leaving out how the debt will impact them. Then these people who just want to do better for themselves and their families buy into the lie that debt is ok - and here we are. My DTI with my with two BS degrees (one is BSN) and my masters is 136%. I have a good job thank goodness but I know RNs with the same amount of debt that make less than half what I make - this will push their DTI up to the 200% mark. It's very unfortunate but schools and even society tell people that it's ok, that it's normal to be in crippling debt and that it's the only way. If I've learned anything in this journey it's that I HAVE to teach my children - an ANYONE who will list not to make the same mistakes I've made and possible ways to avoid them. This program is a God send if you can get it (I haven't yet) and I am really happy for those that have been able to qualify regardless of the desperation or decisions that led them to the high debt.
  5. HospitalistNP

    2017 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    New to this post- NP - DTI 138%, site score 22 (bt our MH score is 25 - I think they use the higher of the two but unsure). My application still says "under review".

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