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  1. Australian nurse and the NNAS story- comparable

    Hi Chelsea, I got my NNAS report as comparable and I have been approved by the CNO(Ontario) to be eligible for NCLEX. Do you know how to go about the ATT and the 90 days validity period that comes with it and the NCLEX exam registration ? I need so...
  2. NNAS Advisory Report Results

    Hi everyone, Has anyone applied as a new graduate without experience from nursing school and got comparable result from NNAS?
  3. Australian nurse and the NNAS story- comparable

    Thanks for your reply Chelsea. That was so helpful.
  4. Australian nurse and the NNAS story- comparable

    Hi Chelsea, I graduated from University of Sydney in December 2019. I have submitted my application to NNAS in January 2020 and required documents were sent by March 12, 2020 but still no update on my account. I called and emailed their support acco...
  5. Literacy and numeracy test &interview University of Sydney

    I need help with this ASAP from nursing students or alumni of University of Sydney. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, I need help with guidelines and format for literacy and numeracy test as well as interview for master of nursing graduate entry in University of Sydney, Australia. Thank you.