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  1. Guns at the Bedside

    Yes that's it! Thank you! I don't know what happened there
  2. Guns at the Bedside

    I just typed up a huge post about everything I was able to find on this. I hit the "Submit Reply" button and it posted, but it's in maroon/purple font and says that it's hidden. Someone help here.
  3. Guns at the Bedside

    Thanks everyone for responses! Let me start by saying that I'm on the same page with "absolutely not" being my instantaneous response when my man brought it up the other day. Honestly, he lives for getting a rise out of me, and I love proving him wro...
  4. Guns at the Bedside

    My friend and I are having a heated discussion on gun rights. Would a patient admitted to a hospital be able to keep a gun at the bedside? Hypothetically speaking this patient would be licensed/certified to carry outside of the hospital.