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  1. Should I become a nurse if I don't like giving bed baths or dealing with any personal care? I've been debating if to go into getting a degree in Healthcare administration or my lpn/RN. I've worked my whole life as a caregiver. I have my Chha and CNA. I never worked as a CNA because I did not like how the nursing homes were. I'm also a petite girl. I don't like physical jobs. I'm currently in a medical assistant program. I was thinking of becoming a nurse later but to only work at a doctors office or homecare. Do I need years of working in a nursing facility to be able to work at a doctors office? I'm 30 yrs old with a special 10yrs old son. If I even wanted to do nursing I would have to start with basic courses like basic math, since I barely passed High school when I was young. I also don't like dealing with bowels, too much blood, vomit and putting tubes in patients like gtubes etc. My bf said it's not for me. He said his sister is a nurse with her bachelor's degree and she still has to deal with clinical stuff at the hospital. I just want to get other people's opinions.
  2. Hello there, I've been through a very long road these past few years. I originally wanted to be a registered nurse one day. Anyway I went to a medical assistant program in 2012 part time in the evenings. I've never had any luck finding a job because my externship wasn't so great. My school had placed me on like 3 different externship sites for the 200 hours. A very unorganized school. But I got my certificate just never got certified because I didn't even find a job. I've been working in homecare all these years as a chha. But now a lot of the chhas barely work 25 hours a week. I was thinking of maybe becoming certified as a cma now and then get my patient care tech certificate so I can get some experience in that and hopefully land a job as a medical assistant. Or do I have to retake a new medical assistant program? I called the boards and they said I could still take my test to become certified. What should I do? I'm 29 with one son and a baby on the way.