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brookalyn has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU/SICU.

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  1. brookalyn

    Should I bother applying into CRNA school?

    So, you're GPA isn't the greatest. You've done some work, and that's awesome! Obviously, a school took interest and offered an interview. You do not need to give up. Especially if this is what you want to do! Did you ask what would have set you apart or sealed the deal? How many schools are you applying to? I recommend not applying to schools using nursingCAS if that is a hindrance to your GPA. Have you heard of the CMC, CSC, or TCRN? These are all certs that may be applicable to your clinical experience and may be worth pursuing as well. Hang in there, and don't give up. The hard work will be worth it. ❤️
  2. brookalyn

    Various Calculations of GPA. Which is it??

    Each school will calculate grades differently. If you retook a class, some replace the grades, some keep both grades, and others may average the grade (so if you got a C first, then made an A, they'll give you a B). Some focus on the last 60 hours or look at all of it from all degrees. The safest bet is to ask each school you're applying to which GPAs they look at if it doesn't say on their application requirements.
  3. brookalyn

    Need Advice!

    Hello! I love your enthusiasm. It is possible for you to get there. I don't think there is anything wrong with planning. 🙂 Just be prepared to be flexible, you know? Life happens. 1. If I were you, I would pick out 3-5 schools you could see yourself applying to and know their requirements. Use those requirements to set the basis of your planning for the next few years. Don't be afraid to send an email to these programs asking if they prefer undergrad or grad courses to make up for those poor grades. You may find mixed answers. Figure out what works for you. 2. Take the GRE ASAP. The sooner you take it while you're still in the studying mindset after your BSN, I think the better. Looking back, I wish I had studied and taken it after passing my NCLEX. Some schools are no longer requiring the GRE. However, a great GRE score can sometimes balance out less than stellar grades. 3. Get into an ICU that has drips (titratable medications), ventilators, and SICK patients. Find a place that cultivates growth. 4. Get your CCRN after working for a year in the ICU. You can then get your CMC and CSC as "add-ons" depending on the ICU you end up in. You can get your TCRN too. These certifications demonstrate your competency and willingness to learn! 5. Volunteer somewhere that brings you joy! Your whole resume doesn't need to be nursing. This is a good leadership skill too. 6. Shadow CRNAs!! 7. I recommend joining "I.C.U. Dreaming About Anesthesia By: CRNA School Prep Academy" on facebook. It's a community of people wanting to get into CRNA school and can be very helpful. Hope this helped. Good luck!!
  4. brookalyn

    etiquette to accepting school admission

    When they offer an acceptance, they will give you a deadline for the acceptance and seat deposit. Both schools I was accepted to gave me two weeks to decide and requested a $1,500 deposit to secure my seat. One program had followed up with me before the deadline, and I politely told them I had another interview I was going to before the deadline was up. They did not give me any issues about it. Side note: I was asked in both interviews if I was applying to any other schools, I told them yes. Only one panel asked specifically what other schools I had applied to and where I was at in the application process.
  5. brookalyn

    Taking science courses for CRNA school

    What is stopping you from applying this application cycle? You sound great! If you want to retake courses, talk to the programs you are most interested in and get their take on what they prefer. That way you don't waste your time with an irrelevant course.
  6. brookalyn

    Where should I go for ICU to prep for CRNA school

    Any ICU with a lot of ventilators and titratable meds is where you want to be! It is a myth that you must have CVICU to get into CRNA school. A medical, surgical, or trauma ICU can give you a lot of experience as well if you have those opportunities. I was accepted to multiple schools without CVICU experience. In medial ICU you deal with chronic and acute pathophysiologies. There are a lot of respiratory and medical cardiac issues there. At the level 1 MICU/SICU I was in, we did CRRT and I loved it! Night shift can present a lot of autonomy opportunity or learning how to run with less resources. Day vs night shift also doesn't make or break you getting into a program either. There are pros and cons to each specialty and shift. Go where you will grow the most!
  7. brookalyn

    Wanting to return to CRNA school

    I applied to four schools, accepted to two and offered an interview at another. I was considering applying to a fifth, but they straight up told me they did not consider my current travel experience as "real ICU" experience. Even though I was taking care of very sick patients as a traveler and had other ICU experience at a Level 1 trauma center teaching hospital, but oh well. I didn't let that one school out of five stop me from traveling and paying off debt/saving money. A lot of schools like travel experience and understand the financial benefit it can have for future students.
  8. brookalyn

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2020

    I can't get into nitty-gritty detail like I want because they have you sign a NDA, but I'll tell you how I prepped for my CRNA schools interviews (including TexWes) last cycle. I was accepted. -Know the type of patients you get (9/10 any committee will ask you this Q). Don't bring up any patient you are not willing to expand on. I love sepsis so I had studied the pathophys, treatments, pressors (all the way down to the cellular level--know this for your commonly used pressors, sedation, etc.), hemodynamics, labs... -I watched all of the Ninja Nerd cardio/pulm Youtube videos and I am VERY glad I did. It helped a lot. I also watched pharm Youtube videos and bought a used pharm book to really get a better understanding of the drugs. -After hearing about other people's experience at CRNA program interviews, I expected them to pressure/intimidate me. I told myself it is like a game, don't fall for the tricks 😉 . Helps make it less scary LOL Take a deep breath, don't rush yourself, be honest if you don't know the answer. I was grilled, but fairly prepared. When I didn't know something, I was honest and expressed that I would love to learn more about it. They do not expect you to know everything. -Trust your gut. Breathe. Remember they are trying to gauge how you critically think and carry yourself. Remember you are trying to see if they are a good fit for you too!! Good luck!! P.S. I recommend asking TCU what would have made the different for an acceptance for some constructive criticism. 🙂 This is common to do. Learn what you can from that experience, and then move on! This is a new opportunity and it will be very different from TCU. Don't bring the baggage ❤️ Both schools liked what they saw on paper. You just have to seal the deal!!
  9. brookalyn

    ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    I’d have to disagree, schools accept neonatal because they believe those applicants are up for the task. I would assume there is a learning curve on the adult patients though. No, not every school accepts ER/Cath lab, but that’s why I said some do 🙂
  10. brookalyn

    CRNA: Will my stats qualify me?

    I think this is great advice. I’d piggy back to say, find some leadership opportunities. This could mean unit/hospital policy and involvement. Research. Precepting. Charge nurse. You may not have all of those opportunities as a baby nurse, but the committees like to see interest and effort in leadership roles. Find some organizations you can be passionate about to get involved with! They don’t necessarily need to be healthcare related either. Apply to more than one school—I applied to 4 and was accepted to 2. If you don’t get in the first year, don’t be discouraged! You’d be surprised what can happen for another year of experience. 🙂
  11. brookalyn

    ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    Some schools will take “recent” ICU experience, as in you can get out of critical care and do something else, but every school is different on what they mean. I think your chances would be better staying in the ICU 🙂
  12. brookalyn

    ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    They are looking for critical-care experience such as Cardiovascular ICU, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, etc. Some take Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, Cath lab, ER, or flight experience. I have not heard of a school accepting long term acute care experience.
  13. brookalyn

    CRNA Student Loans

    Hi! I am starting next month as well. We have a savings that we are keeping for emergencies. We plan on living on my husband’s paycheck month to month. We decided to do the Discover Health Professionals Loan and forego federal loans. Advice given to me was to take out enough loans where you are not stressed because you will already have enough to stress about!
  14. brookalyn

    June School Finder - AllCRNAschools.com

    I did get the March one. I was thinking it probably has something to do with her family too. If you are looking for more resources for CRNA programs, I highly recommend joining the facebook group "ICU Dreaming About Anesthesia". It has a ton of resources on applying, interviews, schools, etc. It's a great place to ask questions too.
  15. brookalyn

    June School Finder - AllCRNAschools.com

    Having the same issue!! I emailed her back as well, and nothing... I thought it was just me. LOL
  16. brookalyn

    Worth it to add the extra letters after my name?

    Are you trying to go back to school? If I were you, I would focus on the CCRN and then "add-ons" such as the CMC or CSC (if you do open hearts). You can also get your TCRN if you work with trauma ICU patients. If you are wanting to go to CRNA school, there are a lot of other things you could focus on instead (shadow, volunteering, grad classes, other certs, etc) of the CCRN-NIC since you no longer work there FT.