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  1. Hello! I am wanting to apply for CRNA schools in a year or so. I am wondering what science courses would be most beneficial to have fresh on the brain. What courses did you take in the 2 years leading up to your program that helped you grasp the concepts best? Did you not take any recently to entering your program and do fine? Or did you wish you had? I am wanting to know how I can set myself up for preparedness (as much as possible at least) and success. Graduated BSN in 2017. Haven't taken any college courses since. MATH GPA: 3.70 CHEM + BIOL GPA: 3.44, highest level chemistry is Gen Chem 2 with lab and Anatomy for biology majors with lab. No O Chem or Biochem. NURS GPA: 3.82 Thank you!!
  2. brookalyn

    Work one FT job and one per diem. Is this too much?

    I worked overtime as a new-grad AFTER I finished orientation and worked my regular hours for 6 months. I didn't want to get burned out right out of the gate. Wolf at the Door is right, you are not very likely able to attain a per diem job with no experience as a new grad. My unit had overtime contracts and I was also allowed to pick up extra shifts on other units who had needs. I often worked 4-5 nights a week for 9 months, but felt like a piece of my soul was stolen after that. Different people tolerate more and less. Maybe your unit/hospital will have similar opportunity where you won't need to go through additional stress of finding a second job too. I did find a per diem job after working 1.5 years on my unit to mix things up and expose myself to another company. It's also my backup job between travel nurse contracts. It's a flexible gig and that's what I love about it. Good luck!
  3. brookalyn

    Oaklahoma Christian University Nursing progam Fall 2018

    Hi! I am an OC RN alum! I am sorry you did not get any replies at the time you posted. How did it turn out for you?
  4. brookalyn

    Living life in the fast lane!

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself after lurking on the comments through various threads without actually ever saying anything for awhile now. I have been working in Med/Surg ICU for almost 2 years, completed my new-grad residency at a Level 1. I am almost finished with my first travel nurse contract! I went from OK to CT, but was pleasantly surprised by how great of an experience I have had. I am getting married in July and then moving again to GA with my new hubby. Very passionately looking to go to CRNA school within the next 5 years. I love bedside right now and still have SO much to learn where I am as a bedside nurse. I don't think my body, future family, and other life goals would be able to handle it forever. I look forward to hanging out and learning from you all!