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brookalyn has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU/SICU.

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  1. Yes. I was accepted before completing the chem requirement. The only caveat was that I needed to have the course completed prior to starting the program. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the program.
  2. Should I bother applying into CRNA school?

    So, you're GPA isn't the greatest. You've done some work, and that's awesome! Obviously, a school took interest and offered an interview. You do not need to give up. Especially if this is what you want to do! Did you ask what would have set you apart...
  3. Various Calculations of GPA. Which is it??

    Each school will calculate grades differently. If you retook a class, some replace the grades, some keep both grades, and others may average the grade (so if you got a C first, then made an A, they'll give you a B). Some focus on the last 60 hours or...
  4. Need Advice!

    Hello! I love your enthusiasm. It is possible for you to get there. I don't think there is anything wrong with planning. ? Just be prepared to be flexible, you know? Life happens. 1. If I were you, I would pick out 3-5 schools you could see you...
  5. It depends on the program! There are definitely schools that accept non-BSN applicant. You just have to search for them.
  6. etiquette to accepting school admission

    When they offer an acceptance, they will give you a deadline for the acceptance and seat deposit. Both schools I was accepted to gave me two weeks to decide and requested a $1,500 deposit to secure my seat. One program had followed up with me before ...
  7. Taking science courses for CRNA school

    What is stopping you from applying this application cycle? You sound great! If you want to retake courses, talk to the programs you are most interested in and get their take on what they prefer. That way you don't waste your time with an irrelevant c...
  8. Where should I go for ICU to prep for CRNA school

    Any ICU with a lot of ventilators and titratable meds is where you want to be! It is a myth that you must have CVICU to get into CRNA school. A medical, surgical, or trauma ICU can give you a lot of experience as well if you have those opportunities....
  9. Wanting to return to CRNA school

    I applied to four schools, accepted to two and offered an interview at another. I was considering applying to a fifth, but they straight up told me they did not consider my current travel experience as "real ICU" experience. Even though I was taking ...
  10. Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2020

    I can't get into nitty-gritty detail like I want because they have you sign a NDA, but I'll tell you how I prepped for my CRNA schools interviews (including TexWes) last cycle. I was accepted. -Know the type of patients you get (9/10 any committee wi...
  11. ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    I’d have to disagree, schools accept neonatal because they believe those applicants are up for the task. I would assume there is a learning curve on the adult patients though. No, not every school accepts ER/Cath lab, but that’s why I said some do ?
  12. CRNA: Will my stats qualify me?

    I think this is great advice. I’d piggy back to say, find some leadership opportunities. This could mean unit/hospital policy and involvement. Research. Precepting. Charge nurse. You may not have all of those opportunities as a baby nurse, but the co...
  13. ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    Some schools will take “recent” ICU experience, as in you can get out of critical care and do something else, but every school is different on what they mean. I think your chances would be better staying in the ICU ?
  14. ICU Experience Required for CRNA School

    They are looking for critical-care experience such as Cardiovascular ICU, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, etc. Some take Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, Cath lab, ER, or flight experience. I have not heard of a school accepting long te...
  15. CRNA Student Loans

    Hi! I am starting next month as well. We have a savings that we are keeping for emergencies. We plan on living on my husband’s paycheck month to month. We decided to do the Discover Health Professionals Loan and forego federal loans. Advice given to ...