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  1. littlemissBSN

    Patient fall

    I'm an RN at a recently built hospital. It's been tough and hectic trying to get acquainted with the new system that even though there is low nurse:pt ratio. We have barely opened and there is already a fall incident and it was my patient. That patient is a fall risk and I have been particularly watchful of her since she is very impulsive. I only had 3 patients that day and my CNA had 2. As I was doing my rounds, I found her on the floor, I was terrified. Terrified to see her there and even more so when I realized the alarm didn't go off only to notice that it was not even activated when I checked. I was shaking as I helped and reassessed the patient. She thankfully did not sustain any injuries and the family was very understanding. But it's eating me up. I find this unacceptable and upsetting because this was completely preventable. I've prided myself to be a conscientious nurse, but I'm obviously doubting that now. The fact that we had just opened, that I was the first nurse to have a fall at our facility, and that I had the fewest patient load in my career just doubles up my guilt. I genuinely don't know why the alarm wasn't activated. The bed alarm is working well upon check and I don't want to put fingers. I have no excuse and I take full responsibility for this. My bosses have been incredibly understanding and nurturing, which I'm thankful for. Even then, I couldn't get over it, not yet. As I've told myself over and over again, this is a learning experience to help me be better and that the most important thing is that the patient was not hurt. For now though, I couldn't help but still feel dejected and cry whenever I think about it. I'm looking forward for the day I'd stop beating myself up over this.
  2. littlemissBSN

    Quitting before orientation

    I sent them the email and worded it concisely and respectfully. Thank you everyone for your help! By the way, in background checks, will my current employer have any way to know about it if I have not mentioned it?
  3. littlemissBSN

    Quitting before orientation

    Thank you!
  4. littlemissBSN

    Quitting before orientation

    Thank you! That does sound like a proper way to go about it. I will surely include how much I appreciate them for giving me an opportunity to work with them.
  5. littlemissBSN

    Quitting before orientation

    Hello nurses! I'm a new grad and I really need advice here: I accepted a per diem job 2 months ago, but I have yet to start orientation. I did not sign any job offer letter, but I already completed a background check. I just assumed I'll sign one during orientation or something. Anyway, the background check took a while - about 4 weeks. During that waiting period, I went to an interview at a hospital and they offered me a full-time position 2 and a half weeks later. I accepted it because I need a full-time job with a regular schedule and it is much closer to where I live. The per diem job is at a sub-acute rehab and is 17 miles away from home. The reason why I initially accepted it was because I really needed a job back then and I wasn't sure if any of the places I applied to would ask me for an interview. The hospital job called me much later, but I am choosing it since it is much more practical for my situation right now. My orientation in that per diem job is next week and as much as I want to keep it, I want to focus at only one job at a time. I just feel kinda guilty and bad since they already did a background check on me and everything and they were nice people. I'm thinking of sending them a long-ass email to inform them that I'm rescinding my application, declining the offer, and that I'm not attending the orientation. Or, should I go to the orientation and speak to the supervisor or manager. Is it appropriate to mention that I accepted another offer or can I be vague and just say "due to personal reasons...." in either my letter or meeting? Thank you! Any advice will be appreciated!
  6. littlemissBSN

    First RN job and I'm terrified

    Hello nurses! I graduated earlier this year with a BSN degree. I had about two months of unsuccessful job hunting and can't get accepted at a hospital in my area, unfortunately. I really need work and money right now, so I accepted a job from one of the SNF/LTC/rehab facility with a $29 base salary. My orientation is next week and I was told that my floor training can be 2 days up to 3 months depending on my progress. I would be expecting to work in any unit since changes in staff assignments is common and might take up 18-33 patients. I'm scheduled 6:30 pm to 7:00 am. When I toured the facility and learned quite a bit of the environment, I already know I am not going to last there. I accepted the offer nonetheless because I can't be picky at this point and really need the money and experience. I'm already anxious before even attending the orientation since I've read so many horror stories about LTC and this gut feeling of mine that it isn't going to go well for me as a new nurse. I was hired on spot so I already know they are desperate for the position to be filled in. However, I am debating if I should back out after already completing drug screening and fingerprinting, which my employer paid for because maybe, my intuition is just throwing me off and that perhaps I just got intimidated quickly. I am going to continue looking for other jobs with better work environment, heck, I'll be happy to work at a clinic or office if it means a lower pay. I just really worry about what I'm getting myself into. I might have to suck it up at the moment, but once I feel miserable, I will quit regardless of how long I'll go by. If I should have to leave after just a few weeks or months, should I still put it in my resume? I really would appreciate any input.