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  1. JazzBSNstudent

    Care plan book

    Thank you! I have placed an order.
  2. JazzBSNstudent

    Care plan book

    Hi! I was looking for a recommendation. I'd like to use a care plan book to help me with my maternity/pediatrics rotation for school this fall. Can someone help me out ?
  3. This post is for unconventional students like me to share some experience and knowledge on what it takes to survive life in a fast-paced, accelerated second degree BSN program. For any professional nurses that have input , IT'S VERY WELCOME! My irrelevant credentials: BS in micro/molecular/cellular biology, as well as a minor in biochemistry. Slight bio: Graduated from University in 2012, took a year live life, fell in love with teaching and ended up at a private academy for a few years. Nursing hit me like love struck puppy: I could take you through my own personal statement about why I fell in love with Nursing and how I realized this is my path while searching for truth... but FORTUNATELY We all have this commonality, and we all belong in this field. I'm starting my 18 month BS to BSN program and I could not be more thankful, and thrilled. The program is INTENSE, and this is only the 4th cycle of students to start the accelerated program. (fairly new program) Aside of the plenty and wonderful success stories.... I have heard many stories of HORROR and carnage. This program can eat you up and spit you out, leaving you behind.. curled up in the fetal position stroking a pillow... (dramatic much? :) ) I've come here for tips, I am a mother and stepmother of 3 human children, and two furry children, and a partner of one Adult Male who is kind, generous, handsome, and occasionally good smelling. HOW IN THE WORLD will I make time for my family? I am a very serious student, always have been, and I am afraid my commitment to school will supersede my Matronly duties! Our kids are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Please.. any tips on survival will be openly welcome! Warmest regards... xx