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  1. Has anyone heard from Fort Worth, Grapevine or Carrollton?
  2. EKB10796

    John Peter Smith/JPS Nurse Residency July 2019

    Dang then I probably won’t get a call since it’s already Thursday afternoon. That’s a bummer!
  3. Hey guys I wanted to start a board for those who have applied to John Peter Smith in Fort Worth. Applications closed on the 29th and the follow up documents were due on the 4th. Hoping people can share here if they have heard anything back!
  4. Yes! You have a little time to prepare then it starts recording you.
  5. I did my digital interview the day before yesterday and I haven't heard anything yet. I don't know when applications close - do you? I am wondering if they will wait until the application window closes and they are able to see all of digital interviews before they decide who gets an in person interview?
  6. I got the email just a little bit ago! Did you do it already? What can I expect?
  7. EKB10796

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    yay! I'm happy someone responded. hopefully more applicants reply as well. I haven't 100% decided which track I am going to apply for but I am learning toward med-surg. I would love picu or nicu but med-surg has childhood cancer which I am interested in as well and I also feel like critical care will have a much higher level of interest and I would really like a position at cook children's. I don't have a specific specialty that I am most interested in so med-surg would expose me to a lot and help me get an idea of what specialty I may want to move into after the residency. what about you?
  8. Now that Allnurses is finally back up and running (), I thought I would start a board for those of us applying to the July 2019 cohort at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas! I haven't sent in my application yet as I am finalizing my application but I thought this would be a great place to ask questions and exchange information.
  9. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    Anybody here also coming from texas tech? If yes what pols classes did you take?
  10. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    I think this means that your admittance is dependent upon you completing the classes you're in currently.
  11. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    Sure! Overall GPA 3.818 Science GPA 4.0 Hesi overall 89.6 (reading 86, grammar 96, vocab 92, A&P 80, math 94) the only B's I have made in college are my 2 English classes and 2 non pre nursing related classes (before I chose to go a nursing route)!
  12. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    I'm checking apply.uth.tmc.edu !
  13. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    Thank you!!! Dont worry it'll come!!
  14. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    I haven't received an email but my portal has changed and it says I've been admitted!!! Everybody go check!!!!!! :)
  15. EKB10796

    UT Health Pacesetter BSN Spring 2018

    Does anybody have an idea of roughly how many people applied? About 120 get in right?