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  1. Machakao

    License in illinois

    Guys it will take forever to receive a license in illinois for nursing .... took my nclex june 22, 2017 - am still waiting till now ! 😡😩😤😭😢😟
  2. Machakao

    When will my license be posted online?

    Oh well ur lucky f u received it already same thing here i took the same date june 22 , 2017 & still waiting for my f.......g Illinois license ! I call them every week to check status of my license & same answer -still on process ; i dont know whats goin on with IDFPR ! They suck! Fyi -all requirements been received...
  3. Machakao

    LPN license

    Has anyone waited almost 2 months for their LPN license? And still waiting?
  4. Machakao

    Waiting for my license

    I took my Nclex exam on June 22,2017 , got my mail from continental testing letter to send to springfield & i send on the 11th of July along with my payment, they received the fee on the 13th , so i called IDFPR if how long will it take for them to process my license & said after 2 weeks ; 2 weeks past i called again they said still waiting for the FBI results ; i called the vendor who took my fingerprints said the FBI & ISP is doing manually for the results, it went thru IDFPR received it on AUgust 2, so i called to follow up the status , i got the same favorite words from them " call us after 2 weeks" ; am frustrated already, how many more 2 weeks don i have to wait for them to post it online! The state of Illinois is a freaking Joke!

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