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  1. ali412

    NCLEX Prep

    Congrats on passing! I utilized Uworld and actually finished the entire test bank today. The rationales were on point and extremely informative! Wait, the questions on NCLEX aren’t as detailed compared to UWORLD? I feel like that can be good or bad - good because it takes away the unnecessary fluff & bad, because then it’ll be easy to overthink every question without the details.
  2. I take my NCLEX next Tuesday. I have about 400 ?’s left on UWORLD. My overall performance is 65% average, in the 91st percentile. I don’t feel completely prepared but I am starting to feel confident? Idk, I’m just ready to get it over with
  3. ali412

    Piedmont Atlanta December 2018 Residency Interview

    How long after applying did you hear something back? I work at one the piedmont locations as a tech & I already put in an application. Idk if I should get my manager to connect me with the manager on the floor I wanna work on lol
  4. Besides the book providing examples, what other ways help you to understand concepts? The only way I can fully grasp something is if examples are given.
  5. ali412

    Failed the NCLEX 5 times. Please Help!

    There are resources available the OP can use to their advantage to sharpen their skill set. I'm here to encourage, motivate, and empower the OP, not argue with you.
  6. ali412

    Failed the NCLEX 5 times. Please Help!

    Nah, don't listen to this OP. Don't let a stranger plant seeds of doubt and fear into your mind. Nursing is for you. Don't let failure define who you are. You got what it takes to pass Nclex and become a successful nurse. Evaluate where you went wrong, switch up habits that aren't effective, develop a new plan to increase your chance of success, and try again! View these failures as a way to improve yourself. You got it. In 5 years, when you're a SUCCESSFUL nurse in practice, you'll look back at this moment and laugh.
  7. If I receive enough scholarships along with financial aid, then I'll attend Chamberlain. I know the setup for Chamberlain is different. New classes start every 8 weeks, so how is that like to handle? How many times a week does class meet? How often are clinicals?
  8. ali412

    Southern crescent tech ASN 2018

    Congratulations!!!! I agree. There were definitely good odds on our side lol.
  9. ali412

    Southern crescent tech ASN 2018

    WOOOOOOW I GOT ACCEPTED OMG. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. ali412

    Southern crescent tech ASN 2018

    Good luck everyone! No matter what happens, I'm rooting for each and every one of you.
  11. ali412

    Southern crescent tech ASN 2018

    If you don't mind me asking, what's the name of the school you withdrew from?
  12. ali412

    Southern crescent tech ASN 2018

    AHHH I'm super nervous. I didn't do too well on the teas. I made a 74.7 and my GPA is 3.3. Has anyone heard anything about the program?
  13. Hello! I was wondering if there's anyone who applied to Southern Crescent Tech or West GA Tech for spring 2018
  14. ali412

    Can I challenge the NCLEX-PN?

    Hello, everyone! I'm a new member on this website. A little background about my current situation: I attended a BSN program, but failed out due to 2 academic failures. What sucks is I had 5 courses remaining to receive my BSN!!! Upon extensive research, I've found how difficult it is to apply to other nursing programs. No one wants to accept a failure, unfortunately. Nursing curriculums aren't standardized so it'd be difficult for nursing courses to transfer or find a program that accepts nursing credits. Someone advised me to contact GA BON to see if I can challenge the NCLEX-PN. They emailed me back basically saying I can't because I didn't graduate from an LPN program. A while later I came across the PNEQ that Florida has. It stated that you had to have successfully completed courses in a nursing program that are equivalent to a PN program. What are my chances of being able to challenge it?