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caitinthemiddle has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Infection Prevention.

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  1. Guidance Request

    Good morning, I am almost a year into my Infection Prevention/Control RN position and I am looking to see what Joint Commission and any other government bodies are requiring for new IPs. I want to make sure to have all of the certificates for cl...
  2. The overwhelming stress of nursing school

    You have a lot on your plate! That feeling of waking up feeling like you're forgetting to meet a deadline doesn't end once nursing school is over. I graduated in May and still do that sometimes. The best piece of advice that I received from a profes...
  3. UALR Nursing applicants 2018

    Just graduated from this program and it is fantastic! You'll learn so much about yourself and the profession! Congrats to you all!
  4. Trying to Weigh My Options

    I just graduated from a RN program (May 2018) and I am awaiting my test date for NCLEX. I am currently signed up for BSN courses through the school where I completed my ADN. However, I have been looking at other programs in regards to BSN/MSN tracks...