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msilcox has 7 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Med/Surg, Emergency Room, School Nurse.

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  1. msilcox

    FERPA violation?

    This is my fear that something is going to happen to student and we have no medical information on them because the parent cannot be bothered to input the information. This is a requirement when they set up either account, but sadly it never seems to be completed.
  2. msilcox

    my office is NOT a nap room!

    I have students that will tell their teacher they are not feeling well and then come to the clinic to say I just need some rest. I go through the questions: Did you sleep last night? what time did you go to bed? Did you wake up earlier than normal? Did you have an un-restful night? After they answer 9/10 times is because it was their choice to not get enough sleep due to time management. So I just remind them that they choose to be here as they pay to come here. Then I tell them that I am tired, too. I also tell them if you are able to complain about being tired than you really aren't that tired cause that takes a lot of energy to complain. As for my concussion kids, if I am having an abnormally busy day I send them to our school Library to have quiet time, since I only have a bed and a chair. I let the librarian know that they may only have 15-20 mins. If they are complaining that they need more time then they have to come back to the clinic for re evaluation.
  3. msilcox

    Pink Eye Policy

    Do you have a Pink Eye Policy that is written on the books or is it an assumed policy? I just "assumed" that it was common knowledge that Pink Eye is highly contagious. I had to explain this to the parent and told them that once the student was seen by a physician and cleared they could return to school if it was not pink eye and if it is once they had their antibiotic ointment for 24 hours then they may return to school unless the physician states otherwise. I recently had a parent question what our Pink Eye Policy is, low and behold we don't really have one. (My 2nd year as a school nurse in a school that hasn't had a nurse in over 10 years) If you do have one would you like to share? Any suggestions?! Do you let them stay or do you have them go? I have been sending them out as this is a small school approx. 260 students 8-12 grades and they are together all the time.
  4. msilcox

    Cat allergy anaphylaxis

    Glad to hear that the little one bounced back quickly. I understand her reaction. When it comes to cats its "no Buenos" I'm allergic to both dander and saliva. I get the swelling eyes, stuffy nose to the point I can't breath, hives head to toe. I can't go to anyone's house that owns a cat d/t my allergy. If my kids go somewhere with a cat they have to leave their clothing at door and run to the shower before they can come within 5 feet of me. I pretty much avoid cats like the plague. The last time I had a severe reaction is the last time I was in Kohl's my husband had to wisk me out and ran to the Target across the parking lot to get me some b-dryl. Lets just say it was borderline Will Smith in the movie Hitch. "Juice Box"
  5. msilcox

    High School Sports Physicals

    That doesn't happen here. I don't get any info regarding try outs nor do they have to be approved by me. I am a 12 month employee so I am here year round but when it comes to sports I am completely left out of the loop. The good news is that I finally got some of the sports rosters after I physically went to the AD's office. Which in itself was a fight. Still didn't want to give them up, cause now its a trust issue (AD stated "what you don't trust I'm doing what I should"), finally when I said its not about trust its that ultimately if something happens to one of these students that is on me not you. They have a very hard time understanding that this my license that they put at risk. Again because they haven't had any licensed medical staff in many years. At least I got one CYA in there I sent the list of students to my principle per request and also stated that I want to discuss the role and responsibility of keeping the Sports Physicals. With the world the way it is, It just takes one sue happy parent and BAM I'm hit with negligence for them not turning in a sports physical and not stopping their child from playing sports since we have a policy in place.
  6. msilcox

    High School Sports Physicals

    This is my fear that something like this going to happen to one of the students that is playing without of physical on file. We recently had a student diagnosis'd with WPW but has been playing sports. This student is the one who told me what was going on with them, but what if they didn't and played sports without the physical then we have a student during practice have a heart attack. I don't mind keeping track of them, but if i have to continue I want a say in who plays and who doesn't! This is just about the only way I find out medical hx on these kids. I can send out messages till I'm blue in the face call and talk to parents but harsh reality is that they just don't want to give up that information. They never had to before so why should they do it now. That is why I am having such a hard time with the sports physicals for the older students. They are very resistant to change. Even if it is for the health and welfare for their student, the state rule/ regulation, mindset is that they pay to be here so they should be able to do what they want.
  7. msilcox

    High School Sports Physicals

    I ask the same question why isn't the AD in charge? I do both with email and verbal the only thing I have yet to do is walk to the office as most of the time I am unable to do so. I am all about making sure that there is a trail somewhere of me doing something. I am already at risk since I am the one who keeps track of them, but I have no control of what happens to the athletes. That is what I am really concerned about because as it stands I am the one who will get thrown under the bus if anything comes barreling down.
  8. msilcox

    High School Sports Physicals

    That is the biggest issue I have when it comes to this, I have no support from any where. The problem is that I am the first licensed nurse they have had in over 10 years and since it is a "private school" they haven't enforced the policies that they wrote. I have heard time and time again we don't have to we are private.. that doesn't apply to us because we are private... I recently found out that we do follow under certain state laws and regulations cause I simply asked a question, so know I am getting push back because I am changing things and trying my hardest to bring the school into a compliance status.
  9. msilcox

    High School Sports Physicals

    I have to maintain and keep track of sports physical in my school. I have asked for sports rosters multiple times so I can ensure that all of our Athletes have them. Am I wrong for doing this? I have asked my principle since I have to maintain and track them can I pull kids from playing sports... I was told to make a list and she will present it to the AD. I still have not gotten rosters when that message was sent to both the AD and principle. I know there are students that are playing sports with out the physicals. What can I do? Am I wrong if I tell the principle that if they are not willing to pull the students without physical then the AD should be the one responsible for maintaining them? My fear is something is going to happen to a student that does not have the physical/ Consent from parent to play and it is going to come back on me since I have to maintain them. Any advice? Help? I am open ears. I am still fairly new to the School Nursing world..
  10. msilcox

    Sports Physicals

    Has any one ever come across a sports physical for a student that was completed by a parent that was a physician? What are your thoughts on this? Do you accept them?
  11. msilcox

    Latex Balloons

    The child does have an action plan and epi pens. Latex is on here long list of allergies that also has all the associated fruit as well, but there is no severity listed on any of the allergies. The latest letter I got from the doctor is just a generic letter stating that there is a latex allergy. Nothing more. I guess one of the other concerns is that the child takes a Tech Theater class which handles and deals with everything theater to include make up (majority contains latex). Why would you put yourself in that type of situation just to have to be pulled from the class every time the word latex is even mentioned. I am still awaiting for further documentation from an allergist that she had/has an appt. with. But nothing yet. So the question still remains. To Ban or not to ban for just one child.
  12. msilcox

    Latex Balloons

    At my school we have one student that is allergic to latex (severity unknown) the other day some of the students had balloons that they were going to use to decorate for spirit week after school. Mom was here with said student and pulled her child out of the building and all latex balloons were banned for the event, now I am being looked at to help make a decision whether or not to ban all balloons in the school while she is attending. (we are a small private school less than 300 students). Has anyone come across this before? Per Mom the allergy is severe but we have no documentation other than its an allergy and I am awaiting a call back from her doctor to help us make an educated decision. We have had balloons in the building from time to time since the beginning of the year with no incidents. Any and all comments, suggestions will be helpful I'm at a lose as what to do on this one. We have multiple peanut allergies but didn't ban peanut butter.
  13. msilcox

    Oh How I Miss School Nurses

    I have recently became a school nurse, and I hadn't realized that some schools don't have a nurse just a health coordinator who took a class on how to give medication. The school I now work at had not had a nurse on their staff for over 10 years from my understanding. This year I have sent students out for broken bones, concussions, caught an appendicitis... that is just some of the things that has happened since I have been here. I don't have any special needs students here or any that take medication on a regular basis here at the school, but I have a plethora of students with multiple allergies some that carry epi pens on themselves and have back ups in the clinic (knock on wood never had to use any. We have teachers with medical problems one of which I have nitro for in my cabinet. Before I came on I was told that students would come down to take naps just to get out of class, if a student just said they didn't feel good they were sent home. Since I have started attendance has been better, no more sleeping students in the clinic unless they are sick after all this is a private school and they are actually paying for their education at least their parents are. Sorry for Rambling... my point was that I can't image a school without having a full time nurse on board. Whether it be a LPN, RN, BSN, MSN... someone trained with medical knowledge is better than someone with out or no one at all!
  14. msilcox


    Okay I am wanting to find some more concussion training possible certification if available has anyone heard of such a thing or is this something that I just made up?! For as many concussions I have dealt with this year I want to have a certification as a Concussion specialist (if it is a thing for nurses) Help!!
  15. msilcox

    Teacher appreciation week...

    That is truly a shame! Only if they knew what it was like to be the after thought or 5th wheel!! Nursing 4 life always there and always forgotten!!
  16. msilcox

    Teacher appreciation week...

    I know what you mean. This whole week all I heard was about how great the teachers are (don't get me wrong some are great), our PTA even held a luncheon for the teachers, I was told oh you can come too. Today during our weekly mass (I'm the school nurse for a private catholic school) they recognized each teacher and gave them a gift and blessing. After that they said also by the way its National Nurses week and today is National School Nurse day. The whole thing seemed more like an after thought than a true appreciation.

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