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  1. Interstellar95

    Infamous PVT

    Just found out a couple of minutes ago! I passed too!
  2. Interstellar95

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    Is it possible to get the "good sign" when you tried 4 hours after receiving the Pearson email and again 2 & 8 hours after that, followed by a "bad sign" and evidently fail after the 24 hours? I've been getting good signs after receiving the email, but totally terrified of how the 24 hour mark could change it ...
  3. Interstellar95

    Infamous PVT

    Hello! I'm new around here. I took my NCLEX in Texas around 2PM yesterday. I left by around 3:15PM after 75 questions, followed by a set of "research study" questions that selected candidates were to take 30 minutes after completing the nclex portion. I was shaking at 75 questions, when the infamous screen came up. I expected to at least get triple digits. I had over 20+ SATA, 3-4 Drag and Drop, 1 ekg, no drug calcs. I received an email from Pearson Vue when I reached the parking (~10ish minutes after the exam). I stayed in the car, called some friends, went to Starbucks to try to cool down, and walked my dog (all with anxiety, might I add!). Even though I told myself I wouldn't, I gave in and tried the PVT 5 hours later, then again 3 hours after that. I tried it again this morning, a total of 16 hours after the exam. With each attempt, the screen said " Our Records indicated that you have recently scheduled. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Along with a red triangle and an exclamation mark. (Which, according to my research, seems to be a good sign.) I've been checking the Texas board of nursing often. My name is still under "Graduate Nurse". I Will be investing in quick results. But the anticipation is killing me.. Does anyone know how often Texas BON updates? & if its possible for the PVT to turn bad later on today?

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