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  1. Would a Mental Health Technician have to be a CNA? Do they perform the same duties as a CNA?
  2. Lady In Pink

    Questions about being a CNA

    I think I may want to give CNA a try in general I get along with the elderly. Whenever I see them out in the public (mostly the grocery store) I usually end up engaging with them. Whether it be helping them get something, reading a label for them if they are struggling holding open the door for them etc. But I am worried about a few things in particular. 1. What kind of precautions do you take to not get certain diseases? Do you always know before hand that a patient has a contagious disease? What about patients who have HIV, Hepatitis, C-diff or MRSA just to name a few. (Would taking medicine and antibiotics from time to time help with keeping your immune system healthy preventing you from getting sick?) 2. Do you usually have help with lifting patients? 3. How do you keep from getting hit, bit, spit on? Or having feces thrown at you? 4. What kind of facility do you think is best for a CNA to work in? (One that is not so physically stressful and the patients aren't combative?) 5. Do you usually wear masks when you are changing a patients catheter, foleys or providing perineal care? 6. Is there anyway to prevent having back injuries? Does seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis help? 7. Do you receive benefits? 8. Was the skills test fairly easy? Can you work as a CNA before you actually take your skills test? (I was told by the school I want to attend. That I would be able to work as CNA before completing my skills test. And that I would have two years to do the skills exam) 9.Would you recommend working the night or day shift? 10. How many patients could you have all at once? I've been told by one CNA that she had 24 patients all by herself. Is this usually the case? 11. Are the nurses and doctors usually rude? Are you treated poorly by them? 12. How many people were there during the interview? Meaning were you questioned by more than one person? I've been told that sometimes there are up to six people who ask you questions during the interview. Sorry for so many questions I just have a lot of concerns and want to be prepared.
  3. Do they usually make enough to live decent in Phoenix? I know it depends on the location.
  4. Did you find the work to be less stressful?