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  1. AFJ32780

    Great school!!

    I am 9 months into the msn in Ed program and I absolutely love it. The classes are 5 weeks long and they challenge you. If anyone has questions about my experience at UT Arlington let me know.
  2. AFJ32780

    Should I try to earn my RN license or go back to college?

    I’m sorry. I’m curious on how an LPN has a BSN?
  3. AFJ32780

    MSN student in Ed

    I think Ed in a hospital will be a better option. I'm also thinking I will apply to NP school afterwards. :)
  4. AFJ32780

    Are We Too PC?

    I don't think so. I believe that although some folks tend to complain for the smallest of issues, most people do not mind small issues. I am more worried about those that scream "Too PC" in order to justify rudeness and abuse. I'm sorry but we shouldn't tolerate bad behavior hidden behind those who think everything is "too pc".
  5. AFJ32780

    MSN student in Ed

    I'm six months in to the program for NURS Ed and other than teach at a school and education in a hospital. What other options will I have I? Thanks In advance!! :)
  6. AFJ32780

    Prep for nclex early!

    Hello, My name is Alex J., RN I have talked to several people who are about to start or have already began nursing school. One of the reasons I wanted to write this is because I have met people who have had a very difficult time with the NCLEX or were not successful. I have one simple advice and that is to prepare early enough for the licensure exam, in order to grasp the way the questions are worded and the way the answers are presented. The NCLEX for me was scary and gave me nightmares the night before testing. I hardly slept the night before and felt like I had forgotten everything from the last 2 years. I felt completely unprepared to say the least. But in my opinion, I truly believe that the main reason I was successful the first time testing for my NCLEX-RN was the fact that the school I attended to gave us constant NCLEX style questions daily and on top of that I added my own studying at home every chance I got. I know as RN/LVN students we are busy studying for exams, writing care plans, prepping for clinical etc etc. but If we can just take 20 minutes, a few times a week to prep using NCLEX prep textbooks or by using a game board such as RNtertainment we can only add to our preparedness towards are final goal of being licensed nurses. I also paired up with friends and family who helped me by quizzing me every chance we could, whether at the supermarket, at work, or even while lounging at home. I am not claiming a magical solution to passing the NCLEX, but I am certain that the fact I added those extra minutes of preparing and comprehending the psychology of how NCLEX questions are written I was able to be licensed on the first try. I believe in order to conquer the this exam we need to submerge ourselves completely and not assume that because we do ok on school exams we are going to ace the NCLEX. For those who have already taking the NCLEX you know what I mean when I say that the NLCLEX is a test like NO other.