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  1. wantstobeNP

    Foreign Student TX RN endorsement

    Just sending them a letter through email? Or calling them is enough?
  2. wantstobeNP

    Foreign Student TX RN endorsement

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to find someone to help me with my scenario, I'm a foreign graduate in the Philippines and worked in CT as nurse for 9 years, i just moved to texas and didn't realize the amount of requirement I needed, eveytime i think I completed it, the BON adds another one because "it's not all inclusive" My problem is I don't have any license in the Philippines, I didn't need one nor i did not take the exam there. IT also says the CES requirement is only for LVN so i don't know why this is showing up for me. i'm already here in texas and my job can't hire me unless I have a permannet license so I'm basically screwed coz every requirement takes at least 10 days to clear. I'M going to call them tomorrow but if anyone went through this can u please give me an insight of the timeline? Or what else wl come up after this so im well prepared.
  3. wantstobeNP

    WGU MSN-Leadership & Management October 2017

    hi! nice to meet you! here's the link of the group Log into Facebook | Facebook
  4. wantstobeNP

    Failed nclex twice

    Hurst review helped me a lot, as well as saunders and answering a lot of questions! I think I still have the video up of some of the books I reviewed on youtube. I was weak on pharmacology and I'm a visual learner so I used this little Pharmacology mnemonics books I found on Barnes and Noble. There's also a lot of Visual study materials on pinterest that are printable too! I took my NCLEX 3x and really lost hope when I failed the 2nd time but 7 years later, it doesn't even matter! Good luck!
  5. wantstobeNP

    WGU MSN-Leadership & Management October 2017

    Are you going for the Leadership and Management program? It's a really good school and also non profit, it fits my budget and my schedule. They are also very good in answering questions you may have. I believe there's no clinical but you have to submit capstone project at the end.
  6. wantstobeNP

    WGU MSN-Leadership & Management October 2017

    omg!!! thats cool! i'm excited and nervous!
  7. wantstobeNP

    Passed on the 3rd try: don't give up. This is what helped me.

    me too! this was years ago, I was out of nursing school for almost 3 years and only Hurst review helped me! I was losing hope and depressed but Hurst was content focus which is my weakness! Their style of review worked the best for me!
  8. Hi guys! I finally got accepted and starting this October 2017! I'm excited and super nervous at the same time. I have no experience with online schooling so I don't really know what to expect. Any tips? Anyone starting soon? I started joining couple of groups on facebook and about to start watching videos!