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  1. stevena9

    Planning for CRNA

    I’d echo going the shorter BSN route and working in a large ICU somewhere. However, I think prospective CRNA students need to get out of the mindset of ”minimum experience” necessary. Focus on completing your BSN with really good grades, get into the ICU, pay attention and learn all you can, and after 2-3 years reassess yourself (or even if you still want anesthesia) and go from there. Good luck!
  2. stevena9

    Online Biochem Class?

    Iowa central community college offers a very good organic/biochemistry course. It’s cheap compared to other online Chemistry courses out there. Good luck!
  3. stevena9

    CRNA Mills?

    While perusing these forums over the years, I've seen mention of "CRNA mills" or "puppy mills" in regard to low quality CRNA programs either pumping out students with the bare minimum qualifications (cases, etc) or simply failing students out after they've already paid a great deal of money. For example, this post (though a few years old), mentions the states of Florida and Texas as being contributors to hosting these "CRNA mill" programs. So, does anybody have any insight into exactly which specific programs these are? I've noticed a common theme on this forum in regard to people not mentioning the name of their program whether good or bad which, I think is a disservice to both a good program (should someone want to apply there), and to prospective students who might be looking at a bad program who could otherwise be saved the time, effort and money if students and/or CRNAs of such programs could simply state "Yes, I attend[ed] CRNA program XYZ and it's not good because..." For what it's worth, I live in Florida and am mainly looking at programs here. One can only deduce so much information from visiting a program's website so, I'm looking for some "real talk" with names of both good and bad programs in my state. I've spent the past few years learning all I can in the ICU to build a solid foundation on which to hopefully build a solid career as a future CRNA. It goes without saying that I want to be a part of a program that challenges and molds me to be a confident and as much of an autonomous provider as the field allows. Thank you and I appreciate any and all input!

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