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  1. shiaubrey

    New grad OR nurse?

    The hospital that I would be taking the job at is level one trauma center and a teaching hospital. I like OR, I am just torn on how I will feel about it long term. Neonatal was my first choice and I interviewed with them but they only had 5 spots open for new grads and they had over 100 people interview so I knew my chances were slim. I loved my OR rotation and getting to see what all the nurse did and collaborate with surgeons, I just didn’t know if a few years down the road , I wanted to try out something like floor nursing, if I would be hindered or looked at as if I didn’t have any experience enough to qualify for a job on a floor.
  2. shiaubrey

    New grad OR nurse?

    Hello!! i am looking for advice! I am graduating in May with my RN, I’ve applied to many positions, I have gotten an offer from the OR. It’s always peaked my interest since my rotation in school, but I didn’t consider it as something I would want to do as a “Career “ . My passions is pediatrics. But I know with the hospital here, there number of people hired as new graduates is extremely slim in the peds department. The hospital does offer the choice of team preference after orientation in OR is completed. They have a neonatal and pediatric surgical team that I would love to get in on and see cases. My questions are: What’s it like to be OR nurse? if I don’t like it after my probationary period, would it be hard to go to another unit or specialty with only have the experience in OR? That is my biggest concern, if I were to apply to another unit a year or two down the road, will it hinder me in getting a job with only OR experience? *** everyone says you lose your skills being in the OR. Whats the schedule like? looking for as much advice and guidance as possible!