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  1. texrnvw

    Np admission essay

    Applying to Texas Tech NP program. Has anyone gone through it? Working on the questions, but stuck on the how did you prepare for preceptorship for arnp program? Not sure how to write on this topic, I haven't given much attention to that aspect. Please help.
  2. Fairly new nurse with 1.5 but I find my self looking into research all the time. I want to combine my BSN with research but have no clue where to start. If anyone has had the same problem or are in the same position please help me take the first steps. My husband is military and will be moving in a few months. Some home-based or on post would be great!
  3. texrnvw

    New Graduate - Research Nurse Residency

    where did you find this program? I am looking into research myself. I think you should still do it, research will help you be a better FNP.

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