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  1. charpalmer

    Concordia NY Fall 2019

    Hi, Yes, I have applied! Still, haven't heard anything back though, I applied about the 11th of Feb. I am going to meet with the Transfer Advisor in a couple of weeks. Have you heard anything back yet ?
  2. charpalmer

    Applying for Nursing School NY

    Hi guys, I am applying to schools for a BSN in Nursing. I currently am at Westchester Community College and have finished most prereqs besides Chem. I have applied to Concordia and The College of Mount Saint Vincent. The College of Mount Saint Vincent doesn't require you to take Chem prior to starting nursing classes so I would be able to enroll right away to begin my nursing courses. Concordia, however, would require me to take Chem and a few other basic classes enrolled as a nursing candidate and then take the Teas with them to apply for the nursing program. My question is would I be able to transition smoothly into the Concordia nursing program once accepted there to finish some prereqs or would I be gambling the chances of not getting into the nursing program? Does anyone know how many spaces they have available? Is the bar set high? Any advice or information about Concordia and also the College of Mount Saint Vincent Nursing programs would be greatly appreciated!! I am willing to work hard and managed to maintain a 3.7 GPA so far!