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  1. VictoriousNurse

    NCLEX review

    Congratulations!! How was the NCLEX? Did you only use uworld ? I am studying now ahead two months to try and thoroughly go through it. Any other sources I could add. Thank you!!
  2. VictoriousNurse

    NCLEX in two days!! Hursts help?

    Okay. Congratulations in advance I am sure you did good. I am doing uworld as well. Do you think it prepared you well enough for the exam? Did you use anything else? Sorry for all my questions!
  3. VictoriousNurse

    New NCLEX Format

    What did you use to study ?
  4. VictoriousNurse

    Pearson Vue trick april 2019????

    If you don’t mind me asking how was the exam. Taking mine soon and nervous!
  5. VictoriousNurse

    New NCLEX Format

    Awesome. Congrats and thank you. 36 is a lot lol. Did you have uworld as well or just the above mentioned?
  6. VictoriousNurse

    New NCLEX Format

    How did you study if I may ask?
  7. VictoriousNurse

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    Could you tell me more about this?
  8. VictoriousNurse

    Houston Residencies Fall 2019!!!

    Hey Nurses! What’s the word on the street regarding residencies that will open up this fall. Could we have some posted? Thank you! NurseV
  9. VictoriousNurse

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    Has anyone heard from Pearland or Southeast for MH?
  10. VictoriousNurse

    HCC Coleman ADN Spring 2018

    I am almost done. Going to do my Cpr and submit my physical today and that should be it. What about you?
  11. VictoriousNurse

    HCC Coleman ADN Spring 2018

  12. VictoriousNurse

    Hcc ADN Spring 2018

    What about vaccines and health insurance
  13. VictoriousNurse

    Hcc ADN Spring 2018

    Hey Ladies what CPR card are you getting to make sure I get the same one. I too got accepted and working on all my requirements. Who are you getting insurance with. Thanks
  14. VictoriousNurse

    Houston Community College ADN Fall 2017

    Any update yet?
  15. VictoriousNurse

    HELP! Can't pass my A&P portion

    That's what I did too. Process of elimination. I crossed out the two that I was so sure wasn't the answer and focused on the other two. Like the tibialis anterior. I know that it doesn't belong to the arm or hand or thigh (femur) so it's between the foot or lower leg. Also know dorsiflexon and abduction and addiction. It's not as hard as it seems. It's truly just testing your ability to see how you can test.