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  1. Kiddosnurse

    Travel on cruise with patient

    Hello all! Thank you for replies, so sorry was away unexpectedly for a few days....Ok gotta check this out about the special exception for Make-a-Wish, I was really starting to think this just wouldn't come together... going to go read more now. I'll let all know what I find out as I move along in this process
  2. Kiddosnurse

    Travel on cruise with patient

    I am a peds homecare nurse and have been asked to accompany my patient for their make a wish cruise. My nursing agency was very unsure about how this could work and is looking into it. Meanwhile they asked me to look into getting a Florida licence. Is that doable? Im in Colorado. The cruise leaves from florida and goes to the Bahamas and Disney's private island. Any tips, stories advice about traveling out of state and internationally welcomed! This sounds awesome but first need to see if doable.