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  1. There is no one person who has control over nuring. Realize that we are the largest group of medical professionals. If we don't collectively act together and join an alliance it will continue to seem like the politicians have some role here. Under...
  2. Mel C

    How much do you make?

    1.´╗┐ RN Case Manager (just finished my BSN -not required for my job which means no to little tuition reimbursement. 2. 4 as a LPN, 6 as a RN 3. Manage worker's compensation and disability claims 4. Last year I payed taxes on $60, 000.0...
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    Need help quick!!!

    ´╗┐Since I managed worker's compensation claims, lets look at this aide's situation in a different light. First of all, I don't think that management is really taking the situation in the perspective that they really should. Although this is a psych ...