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sikaba's Latest Activity

  1. sikaba

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    Hey what unit did you interview for?
  2. sikaba

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    AWESOME!!! Thank you.
  3. sikaba

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    I heard from other locations that its July 8th. Are you BSN or ADN?
  4. sikaba

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    Congratulations!!!!. I interviewed for medsurg cardiac unit. What unit did you get?
  5. sikaba

    Houston Residencies Summer 2019!!

    @mk1284 I went for the interview at MH NE too on May 24th. Unfortunately i don't know the start date. Did you get an offer already? from the recruiter?
  6. Hello, I will be a new graduate soon. I'm hoping to get a job at Christus Health in Corpus Christi, Shoreline. Can anyone tell me how much they pay for their "tuition reimbursement benefit"???. I couldn't find details of that on their website. Any information on that hospital is welcomed. Thank you for your help.
  7. hey Lilly, i was wondering if you got invited to MH northeast summer residency?

    1. lilly2019


      Hi! I was invited to interview with them next week but it’s just an interview not an actual job offer

    2. lilly2019


      Did you end up hearing back from them? 

  8. sikaba

    2018 Lone Star ADN Hopefuls - Spring

    yayyy I got accepted into Cyfair. my score was 7.74

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