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  1. Nwalde729

    New Grad from New York wanting to move to California

    I just came from California and I know a lot of nurses who graduated nursing school in california and had to leave the state to get experience. Then came back to california as either travel nurses or full time nurses. So your best option imo would be to get a job N NY, get a year experience (your CA license will take 6 months to a year to get anyways) then relocate as a Travelor and go then go staff. I'm not saying it's impossible to get a job strait away there but it kinda is. You have to remember everyone wants to move to or go to California lol. Everyone wants that coushy dr office job out there too. So if your putting out applications apply locally and to Cali and see what happens. But I'd do what I suggested tbh. Its what I did.
  2. Nwalde729

    Supplemental Healthcare

    It was only a few hundred dollars so I don't want to waste my time in court, lawyers fees ect. Just want to warn others so they don't have this happen to them. Let them enjoy there 200$. If i cost them one contract then my money is made back by helping someone else!
  3. Nwalde729

    Supplemental Healthcare

    I did call the labor board where I am and they basically said they don't enforce the law. Only suggest companies to follow it. If I want the money I have to take them to small claims court. The labor board basically is useless.
  4. Nwalde729

    New Grad RN Travel Nurse

    Since when could you start traveling with no experience?! New grad right from school traveling?! Are u lying on ur applications? Bc im a travel nurse and every agency has required me to provide at least 1 year current experience with current manager references. And I've been a nurse for 13 years.
  5. Nwalde729

    Supplemental Healthcare

    I worked with supplemental and they are terrible. I have worked with AMN and Cross country as well and recommend them over supplemental. They offer the lowest rates. And don't pay nurses there last week. From reviews online that seems to be the common thing. I had been fighting with them for a month to get my last pay check and they kept saying they were waiting for the hospital to verify. I finally have given up. My last week there I worked for free by no choice of my own. í ½í¹„