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  1. wildnursebrendan

    Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    I got a few offers right out of school but that was after about 50 applications all over the country. And no level 1 traumas. A couple Level 2 trauma ICUs interviewed me, and I ended up only getting offers for level 4 traumas. Someone probably wants you, but if you only apply to the perfect jobs you might not get anything.
  2. wildnursebrendan

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    New grad starting ED also. I was about to buy Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care they mentioned here, but can anyone tell me the difference between that and a CEN test prep book? I'm assuming Sheehy's is a necessity so I'll probably start there, but I was just curious since i will start trying to get a CEN cert after my first 12 months most likely.
  3. wildnursebrendan

    I need HELP! Texas Nurse residency program resume

    Everyone is looking for different things, but I was advised to take off job descriptions. They know what those healthcare positions do. My resume is just a quick 3 sentence intro, certs all in one line, clinical rotations with hours, previous jobs title/company/location/years, and some relevant volunteering. It's exactly 1 page. Had to cut off a few volunteering things and make certs 1 line instead of bullets. I've gotten 3 interview invites so far and 2 requests for recorded video responses for StaRN positions, so it seems to be acceptable. The actual application will have your job descriptions, acls expiration date, and all that. The resume is just a snapshot
  4. wildnursebrendan

    Bon Secours Job for Nursing School?

    Secretary and coordinator are the same thing, and a "PCA" basically means CNA, at most hospitals it's the exact same responsibilities like EKGs, blood sugars, vitals, all that. They have to have a CNA license or be done with a semester of clinicals usually. Anyways good luck and network at clinicals. A bunch of people with no experience got CNA/PCA jobs on floors we rotated through, while I was struggling to get interviews with a kickass resume. Be bold and ask for a job. Good luck!
  5. wildnursebrendan

    Help me name my business

    Easy. ConcieRN. Next question.
  6. wildnursebrendan

    Bon Secours Job for Nursing School?

    Congrats on the acceptance. School will be challenging and fun. As for finding a job while in school, the unit coordinator role might hold a little weight if you apply as an RN in that specific hospital, but anywhere else they would way rather see CNA experience. And that can be hard to get. If you already have your CNA license and get a unit coordinator job though it would probably be easy to get them to cross-train you for PCA. It can be discouraging for sure. I had 8 years CNA experience and when I moved for nursing school it still took at least 40 applications before I got a PCA job. It's just luck sometimes whether you get picked out of the stack or not. Have fun. I had 2 teachers in my ABSN class and they did great.
  7. wildnursebrendan

    BMC and MGH New Grad Residency programs?

    Yes BSN
  8. wildnursebrendan

    Where do you park your van?

    I don't mind life without showering when I'm backpacking, but a spongebath in a Safeway bathroom just doesn't sound adequate between shifts. At least for my comfort level. But a membership to a 24 hour gym isn't a bad idea, since I would be wanting a gym membership anyways. Thanks.
  9. wildnursebrendan

    Memorizing drug interactions!

    I don't even start nursing school for another month, but I've been working in hospitals for 5 years and just want to say you need to really consider looking at your attitude. Not because some people on the internet are disagreeing with you, but because as a nurse you are going to be in the trenches with a bunch of people that know more than you, and you will end up in a lot of situations where you can learn how better to do something from coworkers or even from patients. They aren't all going to handle you with little kid gloves. Some are just going to tell you they think you should do it differently. You can take offense, like you seem prone to do, or you can ask how they would do it, and practice saying "thank you for the advice" even when you want to argue. Rubbing everyone the wrong way is going to make life difficult for you, and you might miss out on some gems of information. When I hear a bunch of people saying not to bother memorizing interactions, I would wonder how they deal with the issue. One poster mentioned what I would do, which is familiarize yourself with the facility's online drug compatibility tool. This frees you up to memorize other things like maybe more advanced patho or EKG interpretation or something. Dale Dubin's Rapid EKG Interpretation has kept me busy for awhile, and helps learn a lot about cardiology. Sorry such a long post, but I was bored and wanted to help out. "Everyone you meet knows something you don't." -Bill Nye
  10. wildnursebrendan

    How to find an agency? Answered!

    This is my favorite thread! Thanks a bunch for making the intimidating jump to travelling easier for everyone.
  11. wildnursebrendan

    Where do you park your van?

    Also, off topic, but NedRN you said you boondock a lot. I'm curious what the situation is when you do this if it isn't for travel assignments. I always look for somewhere to put a tent/hammock when on the road.
  12. wildnursebrendan

    Where do you park your van?

    Follow up questions: Have you ever heard a manager say they would be less likely to hire someone living out of a vehicle? I'm thinking they wouldn't need to know and shouldn't care. Have you worked in hospitals that didn't allow access to showers? In talking to a few travelers and staff nurses at my current hospital, they said some larger hospitals only allow badge access to peri-op showers for peri-op nurses. That would put a wrinkle in van living.
  13. wildnursebrendan

    Travel RN Compensation vs. Current non-travel Compensation

    I know this post is really old but on the off chance someone sees this, am I missing something about the math on this? $35/hour = $1260/week whereas the travel assignment was $1791/week. that is $2,000 gross more per month, which is significantly higher, and with the added benefit of paying less in taxes due to most of the travel compensation coming via stipends.
  14. If you think having claws and wearing gloves all day is an option, it makes me think you have never spent a day in a healthcare setting. I recommend job shadowing a nurse or volunteering at a hospital at least once to find out if you actually want to be a nurse. It sounds kind of cool, and makes good money. But it's stressful, difficult, messy, emotionally draining work.
  15. wildnursebrendan

    Where do you park your van?

    Argo posted in another thread: There are companies that allow free parking regularly..... I stayed in a Cabellas lot for 2 months(couple nights a week across from hospital), Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Lowes, rest stops, camping world, BLM/Forrest Service Land is always free as long as you stay off the service road and certain distance from highway/creeks..... Another user mentioned Vandwellers.org
  16. wildnursebrendan

    Where do you park your van?

    *After posting this I did a search and found some good information in a few posts. I still think it would be nice to have just a list of ideas for places to park for quick reference if anyone wants to contribute.* I just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas for potential places to park for free while travel nursing if I were to live in a van? Some ideas so far that might be temporary and maybe not worth the effort: My first choice would be asking the hospital I get contracted to if they would allow me to park overnight on campus. But if not... Wal-Mart parking lot Local airport parking lot Fellow nurses' homes- maybe just for short periods of time? State or National parks?- Not sure if this is possible If staying for free doesn't seem possible, RV parks would be the next choice I guess. Anyone have any other ideas?

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