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  1. BMC and MGH New Grad Residency programs?

    I only applied for ICU and ED residencies so I didn't apply at a ton of places. Heard back from absolutely zero of them. I think I look decent on paper and had a resume reviewed by someone who used to do hiring for a hospital. I think it's very compe...
  2. Why working as an ED nurse so competitive?

    I got a few offers right out of school but that was after about 50 applications all over the country. And no level 1 traumas. A couple Level 2 trauma ICUs interviewed me, and I ended up only getting offers for level 4 traumas. Someone probably wants ...
  3. New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    New grad starting ED also. I was about to buy Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care they mentioned here, but can anyone tell me the difference between that and a CEN test prep book? I'm assuming Sheehy's is a necessity so I'll probably start there, but I...
  4. I need HELP! Texas Nurse residency program resume

    Everyone is looking for different things, but I was advised to take off job descriptions. They know what those healthcare positions do. My resume is just a quick 3 sentence intro, certs all in one line, clinical rotations with hours, previous jobs ti...
  5. Bon Secours Job for Nursing School?

    Secretary and coordinator are the same thing, and a "PCA" basically means CNA, at most hospitals it's the exact same responsibilities like EKGs, blood sugars, vitals, all that. They have to have a CNA license or be done with a semester of clinicals u...
  6. Help me name my business

    Easy. ConcieRN. Next question.
  7. Bon Secours Job for Nursing School?

    Congrats on the acceptance. School will be challenging and fun. As for finding a job while in school, the unit coordinator role might hold a little weight if you apply as an RN in that specific hospital, but anywhere else they would way rather see CN...
  8. Skills needed for ICU travel nurse?

    I wouldnt necessarily be seeking the sickest. Thanks, that sounds perfect.
  9. Skills needed for ICU travel nurse?

    I have a question for anyone who has some experience as an ICU travel nurse: I am 4 months from graduation, and looking to get hired into ICU, and hopefully transition to travel nursing after 2 years. If I worked in a 'lower' acuity MICU and was unab...
  10. Certifications for Student Nurses

    I was a CNA for awhile before nursing school. I don't know of any certifications besides BLS that are available besides facility/health system specific things like aggressive patient management certification. Those are quick and easy for employers to...
  11. BMC and MGH New Grad Residency programs?

    Yes BSN
  12. BMC and MGH New Grad Residency programs?

    Hey I know this post is 5 years old at this point, but I was wondering if BostonRN2013 found a new grad program or if anyone had any information about new grad programs in the Boston area. I graduate in 8 months and wanted to get the lay of the land....
  13. Curry College ACCEL 2018

    It is full time. I don't think there is a way to have a part time accelerated BSN program. Curry's is days.
  14. I still have 16 months until this decision but when that time comes I will be gambling and not settling for med-surg because I want ICU. I say go for it. But yea like the other person said, how much of a gambler are you? You can definitely transition...
  15. New BSN graduate: job options other than hospital RN?

    I'm just starting nursing school but I've worked in a hospital for 6 years as a CNA and talked to a lot of nurses. What riverlands said is important. Most residency positions are available for nurses less than 12 months post-graduation. Once you pass...