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  1. not for me personally! study it in case though 🙂 I wish you the best of luck!!
  2. Thanks so much! I'm so glad its helpful for you 🙂 Good luck!!
  3. Yay!!! Congratulations. I'm so glad I could help you!!!
  4. no problem! honestly, apply anywhere you can! see what each schools pre-reqs are and then narrow it down from there. There are so many nursing schools...
  5. Personally, I studied one section completely and moved onto the next! But that was just my style. 🙂
  6. I'm honestly not sure how many involved passages, but a majority of them. Also, my test had the passage questions and graphics/charts questions intermixed....
  7. I felt the EXACT same way! I'm not even joking. I found the quizzes in the manual to be a lot harder than what I got from the actual practice tests. I...
  8. I'm glad I could help! You won't need Dosages, but the chemistry and anatomy will help significantly. Your test is coming up fast, so my suggestion is...
  9. thank you!!
  10. I'm glad I could help! Taking those classes will definitely be beneficial to you for this exam. I studied for about 2 weeks before my exam, maybe 8 hours a day....
  11. I agree with everything keh48223 and idkmybffjill said. I would try and get the ATI study manual at the very least so you can see where you should be focusing. ...
  12. I want to share some resources for those of you struggling to study for the TEAS or do not know where to begin. I will preface this with saying I did buy the $2...
  13. RDanielle98

    Do anyone have good advice for me , i need to pass my teas exam version 6 !!

    I'm taking the TEAS on December 21 for the first time so I can't give guidance pertaining to how the actual exam was. But, I really recommend watching Bozema...
  14. I'm hearing conflicting things about this. On the practice test I took, I was given a formula, for example, of calculating degrees Celsius when given degrees...
  15. RDanielle98

    UTMB Fall 2018

    Do yall know what should be included under experiences? I'm not sure if its asking for work experiences, volunteer experiences? there is so much I could p...
  16. RDanielle98

    UTMB Fall 2018

    I went to the open house today and I'm super pumped! I don't have much to report yet because I haven't taken the TEAS. I will take it on Dec 21 and update my...