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  1. pattylamb1

    New job at rehab, what should I know

    Oh, best of luck to you, wherever you end up!
  2. pattylamb1

    From SNF to acute care?

    I'm a new graduate nurse with 5 months at a skilled nursing facility (nursing home), I am trying to go from there to an acute care hospital because I feel like I'm not learning enough at the nursing home for me to stay there for a longer time. How hard is this shift? Has anyone done it successfully? Any tips? I really want to expand and grow as a nurse.
  3. pattylamb1

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    Congrats! When do you start?
  4. pattylamb1

    New grad tips

    I need this too! I have my orientation at a SNF/rehabilitation center soon and I'm super nervous!
  5. Oh, they told me the same but they said I'd get something by the end of last week instead. It's frustrating because every other application I've turned in to them has given me a precise "No Further consideration", it has never stayed "under review" for such a long time, giving me false hope
  6. In the email they told me they had moved forward at this time...but it might be worth reaching out to them, just in case. Are you applying in September?
  7. pattylamb1

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    Good luck!!!!
  8. They never updated my application status online, it kept being "under review", but I emailed them and they said I was not chosen.
  9. pattylamb1

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    Have your application status changed?
  10. pattylamb1

    February 2020 Texas Health Resources Residency

    Congratulations! My external application has been under review for a while now (Arlington) and I got rejected from the Cleburne location last Friday. It's hard to stay hopeful, but I'll keep trying to be haha
  11. pattylamb1

    Parkland Nurse Residency

    Hi! You seem to be very knowledgeable when it comes to the DFW area, I too applied for every Nurse Resident position opened since July 1st, and I was wondering if you would recommend me or anyone in the same position to go in person to Parkland and talk to someone, give them our resume, and make connections that way? I don't know what the protocol is when it comes down to visiting hospitals, especially as a New Grad, but I feel since I have no medical experience, my applications are falling flat because of that. What do you think? Thank you for your words about the area, they've certainly helped a newcomer like me.
  12. pattylamb1

    Parkland Nurse Residency

    Oh wow. This sucks. No idea who has more credibility
  13. Thank you for the heads up!
  14. Thank you for the encouragement, we'll see what happens! I'm sure you'll do well, you've made it this far. I have a quick question for you though, did your application status change online before the email, or did you get the email first? It's okay if you can't remember, haha.
  15. I've been active in the other thread, but to recap, my Arlington application has been in review since July 22nd sigh Good luck to you though, this is exciting! I'd recommend going through the older THR threads, you could find some info about the interviewing process there. If not, Glassdoor and Indeed have interview information too, like questions they might ask, etc. Worth checking out too!
  16. pattylamb1

    February 2020 Texas Health Resources Residency

    Has anyone gotten anything? I'm going crazy here ahh

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