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  1. nightowldaydreamer

    HELP! new nurse! foot question!!

    I feel your pain! The shoes I bought in nursing school were absolutely horrible on my feet, especially in the later semesters when our clinical days lengthened. I experienced relief of knee pain more so when I began to wear compression stockings, and you can also look up exercises to strengthen your inner and outer thigh muscles and hamstrings. I am working on a year wearing my first pair of Danskos; they took a while to break in but I love how the recessed heel keeps your back in alignment and how they are easy to wipe down after a messy shift. They are also pretty readily available, I have even begun to see them in department stores. Hope you get some relief!
  2. nightowldaydreamer

    Stethoscopes and sensitive ears

    Hi! This seems like a ridiculous issue - but I will be looking for a new stethoscope soon and I have a lot of problems with sensitive skin in my ear canals. I get infections easily and they are almost always tender. Are all stethoscope ear pieces create equal? I have the smallest possible covers on my current stethoscope and they still hurt. I welcome any thoughts or insights! Thank you:)