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  1. i am graduating in May of 2019 (this may) from a BSN program in NYC and would like to move to MA in the summer. I have been staying on top of job openings in Boston and outside of Boston through glassdoor. I just want to have a little more incite of the earliest I can start applying to jobs inside and outside of Boston (no preference I just need a position). I would like to take my NCLEX as early as possible and would ideally be starting a position sometime in the summer/fall. i also was wondering if it is possible for me to consider taking my NCLEX in MA instead of NYC so i do not have to transfer my license. Any thoughts?
  2. adiellawils

    Stony brook accelerated nursing class of 2019

    Hi everyone congrats on your acceptances ! I also got accepted too but may still apply to a few more schools simply to keep my options open. I'm surely leaning towards stony tho :)
  3. adiellawils

    Stony brook ABSN class of 2019 !

    Hey all! i just got accepted to Stony's ABSN program and wanted to know who else has been accepted too :) Im not sure if I want to commute from Queens, NY or try to find housing with people who have been accepted as well. Maybe someone could tell me about their experience in program if they are already in it too.