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  1. I went to CSU, I committed to Ursuline first then switched to CSU. It was cheaper and that was my main reason for switching. I ended up learning that Ursuline was HIGHLY disorganized with their ABSN program. One of the DNPs I worked with once told me "you're getting the same degree, why pay thousands of dollars more?" -- in reference to Ursuline vs CSU. That stuck in my mind so I went with CSU Good luck!
  2. CSU tuition is the normal undergrad tuition cost for in-state or out-of-state. They don't have a special rate for the ABSN program.
  3. Hail2Pitt

    New grad nurse in Emergency Department

    I love this thread! I'm graduating May 11th 2019 and I took a position in an ED for my first job. I worked in an ED as a tech for almost 2 years before nursing school and had my practicum in the ED. I'm nervous because its a level 1 trauma center and I worked in a level 3. I just want to be as prepared as possible. I'm absolutely going to purchase that book!
  4. Hello! I am going to nursing school in Ohio, but will be moving home to Pennsylvania after I graduate in May (I am a PA resident). I need to get an FBI background check done because Ohio won't send a state background check to Pennsylvania. I just found out how long the FBI background check takes and I am concerned it will not be completed by late July, which is my anticipated start date for my job. I saw online you can use an FBI channeling company to get your background check done, and I called and asked Pennsylvanias state board and they said they would accept a channeling companies FBI background check. Shortly after the phone call I saw the below statement on the channeling companies website. The state board of nursing is currently closed. I want to know if I truly cannot get a channeled background check. I feel like I'm being told a million different things and my school isn't helpful and is giving me incorrect information.
  5. Hail2Pitt

    How do you deal with the conflict in nursing school?

    I dealt with a person like this at my current job. It was driving me crazy, I ended up talking to someone about it. They told me that I should write a list of reasons why I should "thank" this person. At first I was appalled. "Thank a person whom is rude on a daily basis and makes my job and my life miserable?" So I sat down, I wrote about how much more I value being empathetic to patients (she retaliated against patients she found rude). This individual had a phenomenal set of skills, but she didn't have the warm personality to match. So I said, I'm thankful for her showing me her tricks that she's learned, and that when I finish my degree, and I'm as skilled as her, that I want to be more down to earth. Maybe it will be helpful for you to also write a "Thank You" list to your bully. It has certainly made me a better professional.
  6. Hail2Pitt

    Schools with not a lot of prereqs for ABSN

    I just committed to my ABSN program. I had to take one pre-req--that I didn't have completed from my first degree-- for my program. I was informed of Portage Online Learning. It's accredited through Geneva College, so your transcript will say Geneva College and list Portage as a division. (I called and asked because my program said they'd only accept it if Geneva was listed as the school). It's all nursing school pre-reqs. They're online, self-paced, and CHEAP! I paid like $580 something for my 3 credit class. (My university for my degree wants $780 for 1 credit). It's a great way to save money, and the courses are pretty easy. Some are a little more expensive because they have labs involved. Overall I totally recommend it though.
  7. Hail2Pitt

    Pediatrics Clinical

    I will be in an Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program, and I currently work in an Emergency Department. I am worried about my Pediatrics clinical. I'm an only child and I'm also the youngest person in my family, so I've never been around children. I don't do well with them now in the ED and I know if I don't get help I won't do well in my clinical either. Thanks in Advance :)
  8. Hail2Pitt

    What did you do in the ER today?

    I'm also an ER tech, my night consisted of: - cardiac monitor transports - multiple IV starts and blood draws - collected like 100 urine samples and ran the UA and hCG test - hooked people up to the cardiac monitor - transported patients to and from tests - helped with pelvic exams - used the HemaCue and Glucometer a million times - stocked for the next shift - prepped the trauma room - supervised a patient's "smoke break" - tracked down a patients missing dress and found it in dirty linen - responded to two codes on in patient units
  9. Hail2Pitt

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    This post really is so sad, I work in an ED as a PCT. I'm always impressed with the level of care the Attendings provide to people labeled as "seekers" because many of the nurses want to just get them out ASAP, but the attednings take their time to ensure their health and stability before sending them on their way or admitting them.
  10. Hail2Pitt

    can i still be a nurse if i pass out from shots?

    For a while I would pass out seeing people get IV's/Blood draws, but once I learned how to do them, I have no problems. It takes time to feel comfortable seeing things. I think once you're safely exposed to it a few times, it gets better.
  11. Hail2Pitt

    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    Yeah it's kierieyoung@yahoo.com
  12. Hail2Pitt

    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    nice! I think so, I had a pretty difficult undergrad so I hope that prepared me, how about you?
  13. Hail2Pitt

    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    HeyItsMel(: I want to live in an off campus apartment that is close so I can walk, how about you?
  14. I got accepted to Cleveland State University's ABSN program for January 2018, anyone else going there?

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