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  1. sarringt22

    AANP FNP 2017 *Pass*

    Please try to study a little bit more. Please focus on the elderly, and pediatrics, pyloric stenosis,intussusception, PMR, etc. Good luck.
  2. sarringt22

    My Tips on Passing the AANP Exam

    Thank you everyone for your post and suggestions! They were very instrumental in me passing the exam. One suggestion I took was practice writing after you have done your extensive studying. Take a blank sheet of typing paper and write down everything that you were somewhat uneasy about and practice writing it each and everyday. Such as hypo/hyperthyroid, intersupp/pyloric stenosis, trich, etc. as well as your acronyms! It really helped me. Some of the items i had on my sheet were actually on my exam! Good Luck to each of you. SA, FNP-C