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  1. dancergirl27

    Second semester tips/preparation

    Hello all! I finished up my first semester and am gearing up for next semester! (Check out my other post if you want to know more about my first semester -- tl;dr it went really well but was definitely stressful). I am very sad that vacation is getting to a close and honestly, thinking about second semster makes me feel exhausted already. However, I've gotten some great rest so I know I will feel better once the semester actually begins. So for spring, I am taking Med/Surg I, Pharmacology II, Nutrition/Health, Med/Surg skills lab, and Med/Surg clinical. First semester, I took Fundamentals, Pathophysiology, Pharm I, Funds skills lab, and Funds Clinical. I wanted to know how should I prepare or any tips in general for this semester? I have heard the horror stories of Pharm and Med/Surg from users on here, so I'm a little nervous for those! Is it worth it to do any prep or should I just enjoy this time and rest up? Thank you all so much!
  2. dancergirl27

    So excited to start nursing school! How to prepare this summer?

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd give an update now since first semester is done and over! Boy has it been quite a roller coaster. It was definitely the most stressful, anxiety-provoking, and highest tension situation that I have ever been in. The amount of time and dedication it took to get to the end is absolutely insane, but it was definitely worth it! I really gave it my all and did the best that I could. I loved clinical (once I got over some of those jitters!), really pushed through my courses and did really well! There were definitely plenty of times where I felt like I couldn't keep going, but I just took a deep breath and kept going. You truly do have to take nursing school day-by-day, or you won't make it. I feel like I could write a book on all of the experiences I had this semester. I feel like I really understand the information and that I made the right career choice! I don't know, I just feel so happy that I was able to make it to the end of the semester! I'm going to post in a bit about my next semester classes and ask for some suggestions for preparation/tips now since I undersatnd what nursing school is all about. Thank you again to everyone who helped give me some suggestions and tips for my first semester!
  3. Hello all! This is my first time posting on here, but I've been poking around the forums for about a year now. So I will be starting my BSN program in August and I absolutely cannot wait! I did extremely well in my pre-reqs and feel that I have a very strong grasp on my A&P. My uniforms just came in and finally got all of my textbooks. I am one of those types of people who loves school and studying. I always try to get a head start during the summer, mostly because I am excited to be able to learn so much. I'll be taking Foundations of Nursing/Roy Theory + Skills Lab, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology I, and of course clinical later in the semester. I already have all of my books and have been skimming through them. However, I am worried about not being prepared to answer the NCLEX style questions. I'm not sure how to prepare ahead time for these if I don't know the content yet. Any suggestions/tips are appreciated! Not just about the NCLEX style questions, but just what to study now for these classes while I have the time in the summer. I want to be as prepared as I can possibly be! I also should mention that I've been volunteering at two hospitals for the past few months, as well. Thank you!