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  1. jjess17

    Baylor University Fastbacc 2018

    I can't remember the exact questions, but its really laid back. The questions were somewhat like: How do you resolve conflicts? What qualities do you think a nurse should have? Why do you want to be a nurse? Why are you interested in our program? What are your learning styles? Congrats to those accepted! Has anyone made a Facebook group? Also any ideas on where to live in Dallas? Im from Austin and I've never been outside of Austin or College Station really.
  2. jjess17

    Baylor University Fastbacc 2018

    I interviewed in August and received my acceptance this morning as well! Anyone else hear back?
  3. jjess17

    Baylor University Fastbacc 2018

    Has anyone heard anything from them? I had an interview in August.

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